Sunday, May 30, 2010

I missed it...

my Friday DIY that is. So it might end up being a Sunday DIY, if I can get my act together.

the eternal question of the Universe: do I work out, or scrapbook?

It finally stopped snowing those huge giant flakes of last night. Too bad...I like the big fluffy ones. It is still technically snowing, but it's sort of less noticeable. I can't believe it's the end of May...geesh.

Lucas is swimming. And Russ is trying to find a Corporate Challenge event. His Orienteering was cancelled this morning...they are worried about people getting hypothermia, which is a little extreme, but it is darn cold out this morning. So he's off instead to WEM to check out the Unknown Challenge.

I'm going to finish my coffee, and then do something. Amy and Jacob's baby shower is this afternoon, and I am working on a top secret super awesome project for her! I will post it on the Technique Blog later today, as part of the current "Make Your Own Kit" technique. I am mildy obsessed with making little fake kits to scrapbook with. It is so much easier than rooting through my as of yet unorganized stash of stuff every time I need something to put on a page!

Went to my buddy's 30th Birthday Party last night. For me and my (high school) friends, this is the year everybody is turning 30! We went to a Mexican place for dinner, and then to Gateway Lanes for some bowling. I am in love with bowling shoes, plus I was wearing my plaid socks with my short pants last night, so I looked so unbelievably hip, you would not have believed your eyes!! HA! It was fun to hang out with all my friends, even though I just sort of sit back and watch them chat and catch up...hmmm...let's not go there this morning. It feels like a Rex Manning day!

later peeps.

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