Thursday, May 06, 2010

I'm Taking a Day Off


Off from my "real job" so I can't get some things accomplished for my other job and my life.

This week caught up to me faster than I had anticipated. Monday and Tuesday are wasted days. Then Wednesday disappears without me really noticing it was here. And then Thursday is so busy and Friday is insane.

I need to manage my time a little bit better. So Monday and Tuesday can pick up some of the slack. But for now, today will be my catch up day. Lucas is at Grandma's (thank Heaven for Moms) and I've already accomplished a lot, even though I'm still in my pajamas. That's next on the list.

To do today (updated at 5:15pm)
- grocery store for milk and bread
- mail my Supplies Swap packages, because I am a bad friend and am doing it a week late! Yikes!
- Finish third layout for class tonight
- write up worksheet for class tonight and print off enough copies
- Buy a Mother's Day present for my Mom
- Take the crib sheets and toys over to Amy's place
- Tidy up the kitchen
- Plan my Technique and Friday DIY for tomorrow
- Take pictures of the canvas I painted and post it here...I am so happy with how it turned out, but don't think it has cured me of my painting-blues

Did you know? Starbucks is running a promotion from May 7 to 16. All their Fraps are half price. Plus they have this other thing going on now, where you can build your own frappucino! You pick the milk, and the coffee, and the flavouring and the extras! It's terribly exciting! Go forth and use up your calories for the day! I'm so glad that last month was my no-Starbucks month!

On another note, this is some mighty fine turquoise ale! If only we had bought a second six pack.

It is my wedding anniversary on Monday. Seven years. Must remember to make a card.

Wedding next weekend means stagette this weekend. Events like these are the only way I keep in touch with my high school friends. I wish I was better at keeping in touch, but the truth is I'm not. So I will go and eat fondue and chat and bring gifts. Now I really wish I had bought another six-pack of Romulan Ale...Robin would love it!! Oh giving one bottle from a six-pack a tacky gift? Or personal? I can't tell.

later skater alligator

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  1. Bloody Hell, and I'm on my 21st day without coffee - hmmm might have to make an exception!


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