Wednesday, May 05, 2010

busy at play

I love playing in the snow. I love shoveling, and making snow angels, and tobogganing, and skating, and building snow men or snow ladies or snow animals or snow dinosaurs...

these photos just don't do justice to the fabulousity of my snow animals!
The one on the right is a snow cat. The one on the left is a dinosaur, a sauropod to be exact. It started out as a giraffe, then I was thinking llama, but I had to stick with my guts and do a dinosaur.

It sort of has spikes on its head.

And a fabulous tail.

Please note: While I love to create beings out of snow, I must admit that boys love to destroy things made from snow. Lucas chopped down the second cat I made (not pictured...for a reason) and started in on my dinosaur before my admonishments got to him. By then we were very wet, so we just headed inside.

this is what I did this afternoon...what about you??

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  1. Good grief, I saw your weather on the news, and immediately stopped whining about ours. My brooch arrived in the mail today and I LOVE it! It's so vintage and so pretty and so touchable and so you! Thank you so much, Lisa, you rock!!


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