Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday DIY and a Painting

this Friday DIY is kind of a cop-out. No step-by-step (ooh baby) shots or instructions. Just the finished product with some tips. I am very excited by the prospect that I am going to get all my blogging done before playschool is finished for the day! Then I can spend the rest of my day moving furniture in preparation for the big furniture I get to move tomorrow. Which means I will finally be able to move forward on finishing my studio room! yippee!

I first got this idea from an installation/display at Urban Outfitters: framed doilies.
You will need:
- some doilies (I buy mine for el-cheapo at Value Village)
- a large frame with glass
- ledger paper (anything with a simple pattern with do)

First take the back and innards out of the frame. Lay your doilies on the glass first, wherever you want them. Now lay your ledge paper on top of them. Now put the back on. I didn't glue them to the paper for a number of reasons:
#1. My ledge paper is vintage and therefore very delicate and would not withstand being glued to anything
#2. The glass and back of the frame sandwich all the contents together so they stay put pretty well. This guy has been hanging on my wall for awhile and nothing is sagging or falling within...yet!

Some of my doilies are pink because I had previously used them as a mask for some Glimmer Mist. They soak up the colour very well! This is an optional step in the project.

Hang and enjoy!

...and a Painting...

can you tell I was channeling Elsie and Rachel? I thought to myself: "what do I like to draw?" And the answer was: "houses, buildings, clouds" that's what I ended up with. Plus a rainbow for some extra colour.

When Lucas first saw the three buildings he called them Mom, Dad and Lucas. He is bang on right! That's precisely what I was thinking with the three buildings and the three clouds.

At the very least it is very colourful, and it makes me happy! I think I will hang it in the biffy so I can see it every morning and start my day with something bright and lovely!

later skater alligator!

P.S. Hello to my newly discovered "blog stalker" Shiloe! Hope work is going well!!


  1. Love your Friday DIY! I really like the pink doilies added in.

  2. The doilies a really pretty! and your painting makes me happy too. Thank you! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Love that painting Lisa!! And the doilies are awesome!


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