Friday, April 16, 2010

"you're the one who can change my tomorrow today"

I got to listen to one of my fave Boney M songs on the way to work today. it always puts me in a good mood!

Here is a link to the Vulcan Tourism site that gives you all the information about the "Mr. Spock Landing". Russ is thinking of making it a whole day trip and stopping off in Calgary afterwards. If my class doesn't happen on the 24th, maybe we'll stay overnight! How overnighter in Calgary!! No offense Electra, but it is Calgary.

My Playschool meeting was crap-tacular last night. My tuition increases didn't get approved as-is, so now I have to go back to the budget and cut more expenses. yay me. Then I came home vented to Russel (thanks, by the way) and started watching Bones. But after I read Lucas a story, and tried replaying it, it went all wonky and a box restart didn't even help it out. So I spent the rest of the night moping in my bedroom watching crappy tv. And then I remembered one of the Moms at school saying she had a really hard day at work, and she's a nurse, so that could really mean anything. And I thought, when I have a crappy day at work it means Telus overcharged me, or I couldn't balance the accounts. And when she has a bad day, someone might have died. So I got some perspective and realized that I had pretty much an awesome day yesterday with one little hiccup at the end.

k...enough boring stuff! let's webber around a little bit and see if we can't find something fun to end this post on!

Nope...there is nothing interesting on the internet today. at all. huh.

meet me back here later for an as yet to be determined Friday DIY!

later skater alligator

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  1. NO offense taken, I get excited about Edmonton. Edmonton. go figure. Check out the Scrap Yard, I think you'll like it. Tell them I sent you.
    But TM is still the best in the world and I wish they were here. :-(

    I'll be down in Brocket and Lethbridge AFTER making a stop in Vulcan. Maybe Veronica and I can do our swap there, if she's going as well.


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