Thursday, April 15, 2010

a lisa update

#1. I finally got the handle for my Big Shot! I called Stampin Up's demonstrator hotline, and they asked me a bunch of questions, then sent me one in the mail. No instruction manual or anything, but oh well. The only die I have is for nested flowers. I'm not a fan of flowers at all. So we'll see where this goes. On a related note, the Technique this week will involve nested flowers!

#2. Leonard Nimoy is coming to Vulcan, Alberta on April 23rd. He will be there for approximately one hour. I plan on being there as well. Yay!!

#3. I baked a pear loaf the other day. It is delicious and full of sugar! Check out my other blog for the recipe later today.

#4. Lucas and I had berries this morning. Yum yum. He also told me that he likes my spiky hair and my hair colour.

#5. Brushing your teeth with fennel-flavoured toothpaste, then drinking coffee makes your mouth taste like NyQuil cough least how I remember it tasting. Eeeww.

#6. Playing with Hot Wheels is much more exciting and interesting than putting together budget figures and allocation codes for playschool.

#7. The Supplies Swap email will go out today. If you still want in, give me a shout right away.

#8. Sometimes being away from the computer is a good thing! Scratch can be a great thing! I haven't been doing much, but I feel much less stretched for time and ideas and all that. It's good to re-evaluate priorities every now and again. I just have to be okay with not keeping up with everyone's blogs and online happenings on a daily basis. And I have to stop obsessing about my blog and comments and readers, etc. It really helps to go outside and blow bubbles with Lucas, or play Hot Wheels, or just snuggle and read a book. Those are all the good things that my life is made of...and the Blog really needs to play second (or third or fourth) fiddle to that! This week has been a great reminder of that!

#9. I am so excited about these photos in this post. I mostly can't stand when people stage their home for pictures...because it makes me feel "bad" about my own lived in (aka messy) home. No one with kids and a life has a perfectly clean home all the time. Thanks to Rachel for giving us a view of real life. She shows the staged photo, and the real life one!

#10. I am sick and tired of this weather. Pick a season and stick with it. If it's going to be Spring, just get warm and stay warm. But if you want winter back, then snow and snow and snow for pete's sake. None of this in between, chilly strong wind, bright sun, snow in the forecast nonsense!


I really wanted to get some scrapbooking done today. But it looks like the weather might actually be nice, so Lucas and I will be heading to the park later today. Last night I stirred my compost and moved some dirt around in my barren garden. I am so ready for it to be June and I can start planting things! I am so jealous of all those southern Americans who have flowers and plants going already...we have to wait until after May long because sometimes we get snow that weekend, or frost, or other bad cold things for plants!

I'm thinking lots of grasses and plants native to Alberta...this is my next "green" move for my life.

later ya long time


  1. I told A about the Vulcan thing :P I'm home then, maybe he should take the day off and we can take a road trip

  2. HMMMMM, I'll be going thru Vulcan on the way to Lethbridge that day. Hmmm..........


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