Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Posts in One Day...I know, I know...

Sorry guys...one little measly post from work does not cut it! Dianne is back, so she gets priority on the computer to finish year end on like four companies. And I get to toil in Bank-Rec world...

So here are some Drumheller pics! Yay!

On the drive down, Lucas wanted to read the map. And he opened it up, and turned it around a couple of times, then said "I'm done" and handed it back!

He was very excited to have a big bed all to himself. The first thing he did when we got in the room was count all the pillows (there were eight!)

At the museum...the only part Lucas really liked was this playroom, with pipes that shot the squishy balls you put in them. We should have just spent the hour in here!

I really enjoy the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It's dark in there, but I think most of my still-life pics turned out. Forget it if Lucas was in the shot!!

Lucas' second favourite part was hanging out in the cafeteria playing with the dinosaur I bought him...it had wheels. Every time I drew a dinosaur after that, he wanted it to have wheels.

I think this is the only group shot we got...thanks to the fence in front of the little church! I forgot to pack my little tripod...next time!

Lucas really loved climbing around the hoodoos. We stopped there twice.

I had lots of fun there too...taking goofy pictures.

We stopped at the suspension bridge in Rosedale. Lucas thinks I didn't go on because I was too heavy (ha ha?) but it's because I don't like suspension bridges. They make me want to barf. I did make it as far as the water line, took a photo, then waited on the grass for the guys to walk back.

On the road to Wayne (pop. 27) there are 11 one-lane bridges. It's in the Guiness Book of Records for the most amount of single-lane bridges in the shortest distance. So we drove them.

I also became slightly obsessed with this wind turbine located in a minimum security prison outside of town. I took seventeen photos of it, from every angle, literally. Russ even drove the dirt road right along the prison fence so I could get a better shot. What can I say? I really like renewable energy resources in action!

Last day, walked to the top of the the World's Largest Dinosaur.

I have some fun plans for the pictures I took. Hopefully I'll get started on that this week, and have something to show you!

K. that's was all. thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your pictures Lisa! I've never been there, but have always wanted to see Drumheller.

  2. I miss stalking your blog during work hours like 10 minutes after you post something. I have to do it in the little time I have free in the evening (working 10hr days for 10 days makes for one tired girl!). Looks like you had a great trip! I'm back on March 25 (early evening) maybe we can get together while I am off? OH, and thanks for my b-day gift! I forgot to email you before I left (my brain is/was muddeled). Miss you! xoxo


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