Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ReCap Etcetera

Hi All. Back from the Road in one piece. I saw lots of hay bales and grain elevators, so I am a happy Alberta-girl!

I will post some pics maybe tonight or tomorrow. Promises promises.


Okay, so I started writing this post yesterday, but never finished. And can I please just blame it on fricken daylight savings? I hate Spring Forward.

And Russ was doing some work on the laptop, and the basement is so cold, and I took the time to read a book and watch the end of my movie (finally), so it wasn't time wasted I promise!

Promises, promises, I know!


Am teaching a class on Thursday night. You should come, if you can.

It was supposed to be tonight, but I have a dreaded Leaque meeting to attend. But I have made a decision on that, so I've lightened my load, so-to-speak.

I might start designing some more classes like this one...it has run everytime we scheduled it. And it's not that I'm sick of it...yet...but the time will come!

Not sure if anyone has signed up for my Beginner's classes yet. People ask about beginner's classes all the time, but the first time I scheduled these no one signed up. Not a soul.

So we'll see if things are different this time.


I'm glad I got such a positive response to my Friday DIY! I have another post almost completed for this week. Then nothing! I have to come up with something totally rad for you! This is so much fun...much better than Board meetings, and Budget presentations, and stupid cranky parents!

I will spend my week scouring the internet and my home for ideas!

And now that Spring is trying so desperately to arrive, I am feeling more inspired to change the decor in my house, which is always good for a laugh! Take some things down, put some new, fresh things up! Fun fun fun!!!


I never did make cupcakes that weekend. But I did make cookies the other night, using my fundraising stash. And then I proceeded to eat a tonne of cookies. So, no more of that!

I also watched the first episode of True Blood on Sunday night!! WOO HOO! I remember seeing a commercial on Space awhile back saying they were starting to carry it, but my memory is a sieve and loses thoughts faster than it can think them. So I forgot about it totally. Until I saw it on the guide! And shrieked! Very (very very very) graphic. I had forgotten what HBO shows were like! OH MY! But also awesome. and I totally have to remember to set it to record as soon as my box registers it next weekend. Yay!

That takes away from my list of shows to watch online, which includes:
- Caprica (a Battlestar series)
- Star Gate: Universe
- Sanctuary
- Doctor Who


K. best get back to work. Since I have decided not to give a rat's arse about my meeting and the outcome tonight, I am planning on doing as much fun stuff as possible tonight after said meeting! Like scrapbooking, and blogging! So I'll see you back here later! Only five more hours before I am out of here! And then my home day can begin!

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  1. Hi Lisa, I can't make your class Thursday, but am going to come crop on firday-up in edmonton for work again! Hey, did you make the tree on your canvas, it's so cool!


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