Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogger you are a smelly poot head...among other things

So I've been working semi-diligently to get the Techniques Blog makeover done, and Blogger has now decided it's going to flip my photos that I try to put in the side bar. And it didn't seem to make a difference on Google Chrone or Firefox. So it's just me. Yay...and yet argh...I made this super slick doodle that kind of looks like the TM "logo". And I can add whatever title I want to it. And Blogger doesn't like it. Back to the drawring board.

I bought the new Studio Calico today at TM. K, not all of it, but lots and lots. I am much in love with their rubons, sticker letter sheets, paper, fabric strips, etc. Also, I am almost finished my Drumheller photo project. The printer is just finishing the pictures now, and I have two "layouts" left to complete. This will go up this week on the Technique Blog...still on the old one unless Blogger starts cooperating. I should really just look this up in the Help Forum, but I am mostly just lazy.

I have brought the other Blog out of retirement. Just one simple post so far, but I'm going to start posting recipes and "green" tips there again. I miss having a dedicated space to chat about that kind of thing.

later skater alligator

p.s. can't you just feel spring trying to fight it's way through the pre-spring beige season that we are currently mired in? i can...and i am so ready for it!

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  1. Hello lady!!!!
    Thank you for your good words!i oput your button too!and an envelope is yours .tell me your adress to send it to you :)


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