Wednesday, March 03, 2010

sweet "hump" day

Well that was totally awesome! I think I'm going to do video posts more often!


Do you ever feel that the universe is conspiring against you? That you are consistently being tested and tried and pulled and stretched?

It happened again. I open my email, and check some blogs. I go to playschool and am reminded of all the hell that is about to break loose there. And my day goes spiraling downhill.

But I have decided to take Electra's advice and just push through. Or in the immortal words of Dory: "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming..." I can only do as much as I can do. So I will do it.

There, that feels better already!

Hopefully some of the meetings I am going to this week and next will address the issues and I won't feel like such an out-of-the-loop tool the next time it happens.

Think happy thought...Be positive...Focus on me...I can't control the world, only my reaction to it...


So it's a home day today...which just means that I am at home and so is Lucas. I can shut my brain off for a couple of hours, work on some blog stuff (the new Techniques blog is coming along nicely!) and just hang out!

Today I made a blog's not the best, but oh well! I googled it and found, among a bagillion others, the following sites:

Following the Footsteps blog

Jenieshell's Design Challenge is probably going to be the most help. she has a bunch of linked tutorials on creating a button, a scroll box and changing the code so your code can be will make sense once you go through it!

or this one: A Heart for Home

I mostly used Jenieshell's Design Challenge. It was fairly helpful. And it took me some time to get everything going, and my button isn't the fanciest, or even the best size, but it's done! That's another item I can cross off my 30 Before 30 List!! Yay!

Oh...Lucas asked me the other day how much a bagillion is. I told him it's the biggest number you can think of. So big you can't even write it all down. And he said: "yeah it's one-zero-zero-two." My son thinks one thousand two is the biggest number! Adorable!


Wanna  hear another funny story? how about three?

Number One: On Monday night we went out for dinner with Russ parents to BP. I put my car keys in the centre console because my coat seemed really bulky...and then I forgot them there. Before I left the house to go to work yesterday morning I looked everywhere for my keys. I even did the purse dump and checked all my coats. And then I went to look in the car and they were still sitting there, just where I left them overnight. Russ had already left, so he had to come all the way back from work to open the car so I could go to work. Oh my.

Number Two: This story has a part two, I am ashamed to say. This morning, while Lucas was at school, I went to Superstore. WHen I got home I hung my keys up, took my coat off and put away the groceries. At 11 when I had to leave, I grabbed my purse and my coat, locked the door handle and took off...immediately remembering that my keys were still hanging up inside the house that was now locked tight. Called Russ and he had to come home again to rescue me. How many blonde moments am I allowed in one week? I think I have reached my quota.

Number Three: Yesterday Lucas was playing with the remote for the tv. I have tried to show him how to change the channel, but he would rather scroll through all our taped programs. I am consistently worried that he will delete something "important", but it hasn't happened yet. He also knows that you can record a program on tv by pressing the red button on the remote. So yesterday he taped big deal. But we also discovered that he had concurrently taped According to Jim on another channel. Weird...but whatever.

After we put him to bed, Russ & I are sitting around watching tv and a reminder pops up for Barely Legal something-or-other...WHAT THE KRAKATOA? Lucas had bought an adult pay-per-view movie on channel 309, starting three hours after he had been playing with the remote. My son accidentally ordered an adult movie...oh embarrassing for Russel to have to tell the Shaw guy that! So Russ spent some time after that setting parental controls and testing them. We had a good laugh about it!


Do you miss these?
I do...I think this will be a technique. Make your own Lollipop Flowers.

Do any of y'all like the new Prima flowers? I was very disappointed not to see any packs of bling in their E collection. I'm not partial to flowers, but I love rhinestones! The Doodlebug ones are still the best, and they came in the perfect colours. If I ever find those guys I'm going to stock up!

Chan & Company gave me a whole bag full of the new Sassafras paper. I am in Heaven people!
It's so colourful and lovely...I have some plans for it already so keep your eyes here for some layouts in the next week or so!

I bought some yellow glittery nailpolish at Superstore this morning. I needed some colour in my day. Winter is getting to be so beige. It's nice to shop for colourful things - like scrapping supplies - this time of year. I can't wait until Spring. I think I will try to channel that when I scrapbook tonight...colour & life, yeppers.

This is very inspiring at the moment! From Karine*Imagine's flickr set

and this is a good reminder from idiosyncraticamy


Today in craft:
-Working on a new headband for a lady at work. It's just like the one I made Kara - and never took a picture of - except it's hot pink! It will perfectly match her new's all in the details!
- I am addicted to old magnetic photo albums. There I said it. I bought another one at VV yesterday. You may remember one other that I bought specifically because it had someone else's pictures in it! This one is red and so tacky it makes me giddy! I have to come up with a great use for these. Any suggestions?
- I would love to try making something like these guys, both from Promise's site. Or maybe I should just finish what I've already started and leave these for another day!

Today in life:
- type up meeting minutes from last playschool meeting, post to blog, email to board members, print to take to school
- type up Budget proposal for playschool next year...we have to "go it alone" and are just now being told the extent of what that means...suck suck sucky suck.
- clean up all of Lucas toys in the LR...he keeps pulling more out without putting the other ones away...story of my life!
- If I have time I might try to sneak in a nap...I still feel "off" and I need a day just to relax and put my thoughts and cares behind me...and sleep.


Now it comes to the "Question & Answer" part of the post. A couple of posts back I asked my readers to submit questions to me that I would answer in a future blog post.

Only one person asked me a question.

I would like to thank Electra for her question about my underpants of choice. I buy maternity underwear from Thyme Maternity. It is the most soft and comfy underwear I have ever worn in my whole life. It comes in three colours: black, denim blue and white. It comes in a variety of "styles". It is strange, yes, but I am not the only one who stays in love with maternity underpants long after their pregnancy...all the ladies who work there do the same thing!

There you have it...hard hitting journalism at it's best!

If any of you have any other questions or queries for me, please write them in the comments. They can be business, business-casual, formal, or personal. I will answer them!

Or, any blog suggestions, or features you would like to see here. I am open to anything!

now let's go get started on some of those 'to-do's...
later skater alligator


  1. I locked myself out of the house 3 times one summer - once I had to get the neighbour to drive me to Marvin's work so I could get the keys from his office because he was in a meeting! He definitely thought I was losing my mind... (I might have thought the same Ha!)

  2. Thank you Lisa. I am on my way to the mall as we speak. :-)


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