Friday, March 05, 2010

sick day

yesterday I took a sick day. i had to. I was going out of my mind. When I woke up, every time I moved I felt naseous. Yuck-o. But I slept lots and watched a bunch of old movies. And I am in a much better way today.

The Devil & Miss Jones with Jean Arthur and Charles Coburn...funny funny funny!
Casablanca...I had never seen this in its entirety. It's pretty amazing! And all those iconic lines!? Wow! And isn't Humphrey Bogart handsome?
A Room With A View...Helena Bonham Carter's first movie (I think). It was a good "genteel" love story (that's what the box said). Daniel Day Lewis is in it...awesome. And Maggie Smith & Dame Judi Dench and they're so young.
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)...a "film noir" about a married woman and her lover who plot to kill her husband. Based on a book. The title is kind of strange, they didn't get to the purpose behind it until the end, and then it just seemed like they tacked that on. Oh well. Lana Turner makes the movie.

Speaking of movies, if there is one that you think is supremely horrible you should enter the giveaway over at Finding Everything Lovely. Because it is awesome, that's why. I'm doing it...right...NOW.

Other than that, yesterday was a bust. In terms of getting things done. But I did give my mind and body a rest, and that was just what the imaginary doctor ordered.


On a side note, does anyone want to buy any cookie dough? Due to circumstances beyond my control that make me want to pull all of my hair out I'm going to have two giant boxes worth in my freezer later today. if you take some off my hands I will love you forever and ever. Playschool fundraiser. Standard flavours. They come in preportioned pucks. They are awesome.



k. am going to sign off now. boring I know. but I don't want another repeat of my now famous lengthy posts. plus I brought some scrapbooking to do at work, and I still have to brush my teeth and get the mail and go pee. TMI? sorry...

later skater alligator

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  1. what kind do you have? I'll take some off your hands!


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