Friday, March 05, 2010


I love reading NEET online magazine because they showcase a lot of interesting etsy shops and independent fashion. Plus some of their photo shoots are pretty amazing! This issue features one where all the props are made out of paper. You gots to see it to believe it!

Cool web things...
Rifle Paper will do up custom stationary and notecards with a little "portrait" of you! Kind of totally sweet and adorable! I would post a picture here but there are no ports on this computer I can stick my key into. Yeah you read that right.

Moon Man makes a mean Mix Tape pouch. I'm in love!

Was happy to see Cloud + Lolly in the magazine, as they're a local outfit. The link will take you to a list of their upcoming craft fairs. I really need to get to the Make It one this season, as we missed the winter one due to scheduling issues and also it was really fricken cold that day.

Oy my goodness, this store - Loops + Pluto - has some awesome krakatoa stuff in it! I am just enough *loser* that I really want the "Save Ferris" wait "That's How I Roll". Oh wow...someone spot me a twenty?? and a smaller body...they only have size small left. figures.

Anything that says "sustainable" really floats my boat, so I was automatically drawn to StrandRedesign's shop, plus they have a hen plushie, and I mean that really takes the cake don't it!?!? Also, their models are normal-sized for a change. I think my fave is the cow shirt.


sorry no pics...again...m limited at work. I have been trying to scrap a little, but I forgot my adhesive so I just taped stuff on with clear tape. Maybe that's a new technique...maybe not!

later skater alligator

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