Wednesday, March 24, 2010's me!

Vlog #2 - March 22, 2010 from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo.

I'll draw a name for the giveaway on April make sure you leave a comment before then!

loves, hugs, kisses, et al.


  1. I freakin' love your video posts! I think because I don't get to see you very often or talk with you and I get to see a side of you I don't know well- and I like her!!! Good to see you last night, I wasn't very chatty- sorry, I was so damn tired.
    Have a fabulous Home Day!

  2. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O you are so nice!!!!better than the photos for sure!!!!!!! :) and sweet!
    well i enter your giveaway oficially!

    i am a grey, green, blue and red girl!so i don't mind :)

    i sent you your envelope yesterday :)
    next week hope to get it!

  3. Pick mE!!! I see you the most and love you THE MOSt so I deserve to win right?!

  4. There's a giveaway? Did I miss it? Or am I simply so disorganized that I alrady commented and can't remember? Oh good grief, be patient with me, please, I'm having a brain fart day.

  5. second comment from me (assuming that's allowed) I love the video and think your hubby had better come back with something besides milk. Maybe a bracelet from Tiffany's and Company, for example?

  6. he filled the big car with gas, so he's still a keeper!

  7. ok I was completely laughing out loud with your ummm blog shmalloola and typing fingers! You are just too freaking cute for words!
    MORE Vlog posts please they brighten my day!!!

  8. Okay!! I love this video idea - you are awesome girl and I love that hairband!


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