Friday, March 26, 2010

so what

This morning is going by far too fast! It is a home day, but while Lucas is at school I usually try and get some "work" stuff done at home. I was going to run errands, but I decided I just wanted to sit and read blogs and print some photos and be a computer-bum.

I really need some new pictures to scrapbook. It's hard for me to go back and scrapbook older pictures, unless they're, like, really old, but sometimes I get all caught up with more recent ones. So I have been browsing through 2006 this morning. And I want to share this with you...I really should do a page called "What Lucas Ate"

He used to pull things out of grocery bags to eat (the pepper and the apple). and he made a goopy mess out of the top of the pumpkin. And he learned to open the fridge and made quick work of all the pineapple on this leftover pizza. and the shoe is just adorable!

I don't think I will scarp any of these, but it's fun to look back! I did print a bunch from our trip to Kelowna that I'd like to revisit. That was a fun trip!


It's chilly in the house today...and it's still snowing outside. Light little flakes that would make me so happy in December, but not in March! Last week Lucas was obsessed with the first day of Spring. He told me everyday, that Spring would start on Saturday. And on Saturday morning, he remembered and it was nice out, so he was excited! And then it got cold. And when Mom came to pick him up one morning and he went to put on his shoes she told him to get his boots because it was going to be cold and snowy that day. And he told her that Spring had been really short this year! So he thinks it's winter again!!


Melissa posted a beautiful altered book album on her blog that I am in love with. It makes me want to really get messy tonight at the crop...but I will be working on my demos for the Beginners Class, which are the opposite of fun and messy. But maybe if I'm really good and get a bunch done I will reward myself with some paint and glue. WOOT!


k. long post. am outta here. fingers crossed that I get all my Blog work done early so Lucas and I can have a good day at home! the new Techniques Blog goes live today and I am so happy and proud of all the hard work and long hours I put into it. It's not completely finished - I still have a lot of data to move over - but it looks great and it's going to be a great new home!

later skater alligator

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