Monday, January 25, 2010

my pretties

Some lovely things to brighten up your Monday.



here (cool site, probably better if you can read Norwegian, which I can't)

i am very cold today. very. I am wearing my scarf at myt desk. heather wore her coat and scarf to go sit in the lunch room. i am having problems thinking straight, typing, and my hand-eye coordination is not what it should be.

today is my first day without dianne. i am only having minor panic attacks. I have already been asked for accounting information, and just realized that Di didn't leave me her password to access voicemail. yay. i am also not excited about the fact I work four days this week. i already miss lucas.

i look very cute today. purple top (VV), brown skirt (VV), pink tights (Addition-Elle), purple shoes (The Bay). but I am very cold. did i mention that? i need to buy leg warmers to wear on the walk to work. or bloomers. or something. am thinking of attaching some lace to the bottom of this skirt...or buying a makes me feel old. or really stylin...I think I'll go with the latter!

i have been browsing the web today, looking for cute things. and i have found lots. now I must do something with this knowledge. i have very good intentions to craft this week. I will need to make time. Russ starts Spanish lessons this week (what the!?) and Lucas' swimming lessons start next week. I don't think I will bring anything to work on or read to the pool...I might need to get in there and rescue lucas. Dad says he has a habit of going right into the deep end and waiting for someone to pull him out. i hope they have a high instructor to kid ratio! oh boy!

how do you schedule time to scrap or craft? how do you fit it into your day? or how do you fit your day into scrapping and crafting? question of the month...

(must get up and walk warm up...the neighbours office is warm, I will go there. the bathroooms are also warm, but who wants to hang out in a bathroom? desperate times call for desperate measures!)


Watched part one of three new Emma PBS series last night. it's okay. My fave version is probably the one with Gwyneth Paltrow (because of Toni Collett, and Jeremy Northam and Alan Cumming). Although the PBS one that came out the same year (with Kate Beckinsale) was also very well done.

I am pretty much in love with all of the Jane Austen movies they show on PBS. I haven't seen all of them, especially the more obscure ones (Mansfield Park, Northanger Abby). And I couldn't pick an overall favourite. Maybe Sense & Sensibility (2008)...that was pretty much perfect in my opinion. or Persuasion from the year before. I would love to own all of these. Now that they are coming out with some new ones (again) I would hate the old guys to disappear. This is pretty much a good shopping list. I had a friend who would do a Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth one) night during university finals every year. I was never invited...hmmm

I hope these videos work. I didn't turn on the sound at work, but I think I picked the right ones. Best line (that I can think of on the spot): "For you alone I think and plan." from Persuasion.

k. best get back to work. I hope my Blog readers keep me to my goal of getting some crafting done this week. be brutal...I can take it!

later skater alligator


  1. how do you schedule time to scrap or craft?

    I just started this last week so we will see how it goes but I've started giving myself an hour of time every couple of days...usually on the days when A cooks dinner (so usually right after work). I find it helps if I page plan a few layouts before hand so I have an idea of what I want to do. I find it hard to find large chunks of time to sit down and get stuff done so this way I'll get a little bit of craftiness in and don't feel so bad when I look at my collection of supplies and all the pictures and stuff I still have to do.

  2. that's a good plan. I guess scheduling time away from the computer would also be a good plan for me!

    off to work out...Russ is on bedtime duty tonight! yay!

    p.s. my security word is: "grope"...maybe later!


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