Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Driver

Not much on my plate today. I got to sleep in (hoorah!). And Lucas is swimming with Grandpa right now, so i have a couple of hours to kill before he's back. Did I say kill? I meant use as wisely and be as productive as possible! Guess that means I should get dressed eh?

I never got around to painting a wall this week. Or doing my Technique, so it will be late again. Rather, it is late again! argh.

Went to the crop at TM on Friday night...and had a blast, HE-llo! Veronica and the other Lisa are so fun fun funny and I love hanging out with them. I didn't get a tonne of stuff done, but I did finish the other layouts for my Ranger technique class. But I forgot to take a photo. And I was so wiped yesterday, I didn't go back and take a picture like I wanted to. In fact, I didn't really get anything done yesterday. boo hoo. I bought a bunch of books at Chapters that I thought I had a gift card to cover, but it turns out I grabbed the wrond gift card from home so ended up paying for all but $5.73 of my purchase. And it was a doozie, yikes!

Books purchase:
- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...not at all what I thought it would be, or is it? (and I'm almost done...I'm going to have to call that goal complete by june!)
- Revolutionary with Leo and Kate
- The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland...was disappointed to see a novel by one of my favourite and prolific authors in the Bargain Bin...but was happy at the price for a hardcover!
- an art book about an artist who's prints I actually own! Justin Bua...look him up!

I have been seeing a lot of cute crafty things I want to try, in addition to my Style School stuff, but it appears I am on a scrapbooking binge right now. That's okay too. I didn't work out yesterday, or the day before, so all my energy and good vibes are tanking rapidly today. Maybe I'll get a work out in before Lucas gets back. That would be the best plan.

No more spending money for awhile. Not even at Value Village! I wanted to save up and buy something special, but I just end up using that cash for something "in the moment" and then I have to wait some more. Darn it all anyways.

there's something fabulous about a teenager's room...

my room was fabulous as a teenager. and now i have a whole house to treat the same way...

later skater alligator

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  1. It was super fun & funny hanging out with the Lisas squared too! :) Just what I needed!


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