Monday, January 11, 2010

if my house was a pot holder...

it would look like this...
I might have to "splurge" and buy these. they can be my house inspiration for whenever I am confused or concerned or unsure about the direction I want to go.
thank you silje!
I am so bored at work today...bored yet busy.
My workout goal went unaccomplished, but only by one time! So I am off to conquer another week. I already feel better and look better! Now if only I hadn't gotten so much chocolate for Christmas! ACK!


  1. Pretty colors!

    Hey, at least you only missed one day this week - I missed the whole damn week! I think I made my goals a little too lofty so this week I'll take it slow...ease my way into it.

  2. love the potholders!
    I'm trying to be industrious today, by starting my style file, making the wreath and the yarn hanger! Buuuuut i'm at the computer again, ahh!
    your style buddy! :D


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