Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lose yourself in today

Today I am going to finish my first Style School Project! First completed, third assigned! Oh well...I'm only a little behind! And if I don't get off this computer right now, it's never going to happen!

I am almost done book number two of the year. I need to find a good place to list these, rate them, etc. I know there are some online places to do this, so I will have to check them out.

I am excited about MUSIC today...I am listening to one of favourite playlists on my iPod. And am still trying to find a good way to organize my music so I know where everything is and can listen to most of my good stuff without having to search for it. Or listen to a bunch of stuff I'm not in the mood for just to hear one good song.

How is it 10:30 already? My morning "off" goes by in a blur! I need to get dressed still! Oh my...never did get that workout in. Am still only one session behind this week. and am feeling good. My latest inspiration is a lady at work. She is in her 50s and has been overweight her whole life. But she went on WW, and is doing really well! She is down a couple of sizes and she looks awesome!

On Monday night KC took me to see Avatar. I heart my 3D glasses so much...

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