Saturday, January 09, 2010

I wanna

have a "secret project"

make more little tiny albums out of whatever is handy on my table, leftovers, etc. I made one last night and I adore it...will post pics later

find a good non-drip, soy candlestick and then buy them all

walk into my studio one day only to see it has been magically transformed, I mean cleaned and organized, by some sort of Shoemaker Fairy or is overwhelmingly messy

change up my art wall

get a blog makeover...i have some ideas, so we'll see where that leads...not that I would actually do it myself...blogger is giving me more headaches now than ever before! best leave it to the professionals

do something cool with all these wooden frames and clocks I have sitting around...I actually threw around the term "installation" in my head last thinking how I can do it with the least amount of holes in my walls/ceilings

rock my 30th birthday party this year

be able to say that I did something "crazy" this year, like toboggan down a mountain, or bungee jump (not in my wildest dream, it's just an example), or get a tattoo (remember, crazy is a relative term, meaning what my husband calls me when I tell him I'm thinking about getting a tattoo...)

kick serious Style School butt

buy a yellow cardigan and more neutral-coloured things...not everything in my wardrobe has to be candy-coloured

have a best friend

visit every blog or website of all the Style School in the sea my friends

get a start on my day...later skater alligator

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