Friday, January 08, 2010

I am a dork

Let me paint you a picture.

This morning I dropped Lucas off at school in the following outfit:

- Red boots
- Red and black plaid knee high socks
- Teal leggings
- Denim winter coat
- purple black and white striped scarf
- green red blue and white knit mittens
- pink green and white knit hat
- no makeup, and my hat is hiding my bed-head

I was getting funny stares from the other moms (and dad)...poor Lucas. He has no idea the trouble I am going to cause him...I was going to take a picture for proof, but it was just too scary. I'm like a bag lady, or crazy goodwill/vv shopper (ummm, that part is at least true), or the little kid in school that doesn't let her mom dress her (yep, that was me back in the day).

Sweet pea, I'm sorry in advance, love momma


  1. I was reading about people on the "Style School" blog and something made me click your link...funny thing is I just posted on my blog yesterday about my crazy winter outfit ;)

  2. Be an individual. Be unique. Be yourself! Let yourself shine bright in the forest of mediocrity!
    Don't conform, different is soooo good!

  3. OMG Lisa you are hilarious! I read that and thought Lucas was wearing that...It suits you better :)


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