Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Goals for the News Year

These are my goals, my master to-do list for the year. Some are fun, everything is real, everything can be accomplished.

Fun Stuff
- read one book every least. So far I am almost finished my second this month, so I think I'll make that read two books every month!
- Date night with Russ once a month. Somewhere fun. Somewhere we can relax and chat. Somewhere with chicken wings and beer.
- Get the blog make-over that I have been so desperately wanting for the past year!

Creative Stuff
- Complete 12 paintings this year, and give at least half of them away
- Take more pictures, and not feel so bad when they aren't as "nice-looking" as I would hope. I'm more concerned about documenting and less concerned about winning photography awards!!
- Scrapbook less...oh gosh did I really just type that! What I mean is, I have a lot of albums (A LOT) and the more I think of it, the more I think: "this is only the beginning..." I don't want my life to be overrun by scrapbooking albums. Where the krakatoa am I going to store these things? I need to find a smaller and simpler way to scrapbook, to document my life. I really like Veronica's little 4x6 photo pages. I just tried to order more 3.5x5 pages from the Container Store but shipping costs $32!! Oh wow! So now I have to try and find them closer to home.
- Make more mini creating-related goals. Once a month type things. To keep me motivated and interested and doing!

Tough Stuff
- Take control over re-shaping my attitude and my reaction to things. Be more proactive and not reactive.
- Be positive. Life is what you make of it, and how you see things. For example, this week I have been thinking of the things I am not and that I don't need to worry about, to put things in perspective, y'know. For example, yesterday I was thankful that I am not my boss. His big fancy house got robbed and ransacked on the weekend and he is still on holiday until the end of the month. Someone out there will always be worse off than me, and so I am thankful for all that I have, even though sometimes I might not
- If something is bugging me, speak up!
- Take better care of my Health. Mind Body and Spirit.

That's all for now...I'm sure I'll think of more to add to my 2010 Journal.

I can't pick one word this year. I still like my words from year's past: Trust & Focus. I never did finish my Focus canvas last year. It is having an identity crisis, and is on it's third incarnation. But I really like this one so far, and am going to stick it out. This year I think "Be Positive. Think Happy Thoughts." will be my motto. I need a motto. It will go up in my new studio somewhere to inspire and remind me all year long.

I bought some books this afternoon that I think will be great additions to my creative library. Also, I have been a bad friend, borrowing books without returning them. Shame on me. I am in the process of starting to do that this week! So to those friends who are patiently waiting on books, check your mailboxes this week...I promise...

Tomorrow, another post? Maybe some pictures of my studio in progress! HA! And some pics of my latest art journal pages. Maybe a picture of my Christmas tree, if it's still up, to prove that I did have one this year!

To do this week:
- Style School starts this week. Need to purchase some supplies and finish getting my binder together.
- Finish demo for Feb. TM Class. Talk to Chantel about other ideas.
- Put away Xmas's driving me crazy!
- Keep my DR table clean and clear
- Get Food Handling Permit for Playschool
- Finish Jill's painting and get it to her
- IKEA shopping trip for a chair to complete my DR "set"

This week is almost up, so I need to get busy. Wednesday is always a slow moving day for us. Lucas is glad to be at home, and so am I. So we sit around and chat, play on the computer, watch some shows. Low key. But tomorrow there is work to be accomplished. When do kids start doing the dishes and cooking dinner?? Not soon enough!

later skater alligator


  1. Happy New Year Lisa!
    Great "master list", I especially like your "tough stuff" section! Sometimes I think that's the stuff in life once "figured out" makes everything else make sense and work out!

  2. Great 2010 goals Lisa. I really like the "react less" one. I think I may have to make that part of my mantra for the year.
    Please post some of your journal pages if they are not too private. Would LOVE to see them!

  3. Update on my goals for the week...

    I have sort of been keeping my DR table clear. Clear as it's going to get!

    Jill's painting is waiting for some important parts from afar.

    Demo for Feb class is finito! And it looks fab!

    And I put away some Xmas decor. I still have the tree to do, which is a big job, and some other little knick knack thingys, but I sure enjoy getting my LR back to normal!

    later flast


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