Thursday, January 07, 2010


I've been working on...
this is the third incarnation of my focus canvas, a tiny little bit of it.
V-day class for TM. with iron on, no less!
the mess that is my life. clean up one mess and another materializes...

Some new (and some old) art journal pages
I really like using song lyrics. On the left page there is Mad World and on the right is Radiohead.

the lady on this one is from a Thursday class project.
I just wasn't a fan of the entire - giant and falling apart - project, but she sure is alluring, dontcha think?

A lot of my art journal pages are made on either box lids (you will see lots of packing labels) or pieces of paper I rescued from work. My latest are on fee and code guides for dental procedures. They all have a nice colourful edge, so they were saved from the blue bin.

I really like the one below. There is a picture of me on it, leftover from some I scrapbooked, but it's all covered up.

I started on my green scarf last night. Made a big batch of soup in my new Crock Pot. Made some whole wheat "crazy bread" using a recipe from a kid's book. Sometimes simpler is just better!45 Easier and 67890 less crazy!

Today I did some more work on Jill's painting (am waiting for some "parts" to arrive in the mail before I can finish it) and my focus painting, which is almost done and I am so loving it...finally! Started my "Be Positive. Think Happy Thoughts." canvas. The colours are so "me" right really excited!

Watched some Nascar...woo hoo? And whatever comes next on the Speed Network.

Am now on the phone trying to renew the Food Handling permit for playschool. Alberta Health Services answered my call on the second ring, directed me to the right department, they answered right away and she is getting me the help I need!! Okay...short lived excitement. "The extension cannot be reached, please leave a message..." We'll see where that gets me!

Now I need to try and find Lucas something to do. He gets a billion dollars worth of toys, and he can't find one thing he wants to play he doesn't want to paint with me, or play Go Fish, or do play-doh. Maybe he has too many options. I dunno. At least sitting down to a snack keeps his whining to a minimum! He really needs to get out of the house on a daily basis. But it's been so cold, and no car today means no travelling without the bus, and I don't think I'm in the right mood to tackle a bus ride today. all rests on tomorrow.

until then1...
later skater alligators

p.s. all the numbers are Lucas' doing. I know. adorable right? Have I mentioned he has started sounding out words he doesn't recognize? sweet and smart!

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  1. I hope you know I had a slight stroke when I saw your room...

    Miss you....your 5 minute layout is adorable, your so creative.


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