Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new year goals

One of my new year goals is to focus more on my "style"...I'm taking Elsie's class where I hope to make some fun projects and learn more about what kinds of clothes and accessories I really love (as opposed to just grabbing what is on sale at Superstore).

I know I like this...

(stupid wonderful anthropologie, I could eat their catalogues for breakfast lunch and dinner)

And I have been wearing skirts more...not in this weather, mind you, but they make an appearance now and again! Will need to make another shopping trip to Value Village in the New Year for some new additions!

Did any of you watch "Sing Off" last night? Wowee wow wow! If you like Glee, you should watch it!

later skater alligator


  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

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  2. i tried that skirt on today believe it or not! Turns out its for skinny people much to my dismay. You should see what i bought instead! @ very cute on sale items!!!!!!!


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