Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So I have finally started moving my scrapbooking and art stuff into the spare room upstairs. I am very exciting to have a dedicated space for all my creative work, one that I can shut the door on and contain the mess! Plus it has a nice big window and I can watch my tree grow.

I have been sorting through all my stuff, and I have come to realize that I have way too much stuff. You know that show Hoarders? Well, there's no cat poo on the floor or rotting food, but you get the picture! So I am busy purging this week, hopefully I will get it all dealt with before I have to go back to work. I am planning on putting together some giveaways, fun mail and challenge kits with all the extra bits and pieces I have. Keep your ear to the ground for more on that.

I am also always on the lookout for great storage and organizing ideas for my supplies. I need shelves and a system for my rolls of ribbon for sure...at least to start. My furniture is staying the same because I can't afford new. And I don't like plastic, and would rather DIY or buy used than new. Any ideas????
The walls are staying pink, because I can't be bothered to paint! But wouldn't this blue be amazing?
Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays...I'm sick (cough cough), but otherwise holding up well. It's hard to handle having two guys at home all day everyday, being the loner that I am, but I'm just trying to keep busy and take it one day at a time! I would love to get some crafting in this week, but it doesn't look promising. If anyone is up for a craft day in the New Year, I would be a willing host!! I'm sending out some fun mail this week. Some journals for you to record your new year goals, dreams, wishes, words, etc. And some other fun things, cause that's how I roll.

It's old movie time of year again for me. So far I have watched The Merry Widow with Lana Turner and Fernando Lamas, and let me just tell you that if he ever sang me a song I would not be responsible for my actions! The More the Merrier which was super funny, and also sweet. I'm in the mood to watch a western, and I know there are always John Wayne movies on TCM, so I might have to see about recording one this week. I'll also have to see if anyone is showing Meet Me in St. Louis this week...it's a must-have this time of year. What is your favourite old movie?

picture of Russ & I at his work Xmas party. I was the most colourful thing there! Including the Christmas decor...oh my!

I miss the colours of fall...

but I am in love with the snow on the trees. Frost on every branch and leftover leaf. Winter Wonderland indeed!

I wish weheartit wasn't so slow loading. I would have many more pictures to post. Elsie and LA posted the first projects on the Style School site, so I am getting more excited to start on those. I will need to pick a day to go shopping for supplies and ideas. I already had a retail-therapy day at Value Village last week when I heard some craptastic news. Rob & Martine were telling me about the giant VV in Victoria...a visit there is going on my life list!

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  1. I cleaned up my scrap space on Monday, WAY too much stuff! I need to start using it!

    {heart} that wall colour!

  2. fabby fabby picture of you and Russel. I do not think you're too bright at all!
    I too LoVe that wall color.


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