Friday, August 07, 2009

don't even read is so boring and you will fall asleep at your desk and embarass yourself in front of your coworkers...

For a good laugh today, try reading some of the "scrapbooking tips" here. Laugh riot I tell ya! Although some of them might be helpful in the Beginner's Series of classes that I'm planning right now for the store. I finally got a little more organized yesterday and started putting related stuff in the same box and labelling said box! WOO HOO! It was nice to have a day off. Lucas & I stayed home and played. He played on Russ' laptop for a couple of hours in the afternoon so I was able to get a head start on the dishes (which still aren't totally done...yikes!) and clean up a little. Did some laundry. Put up another bookshelf. Ya know.

I finished a crap load of art journal pages the other night. Totally wonderful. I just covered my dining room table with old TM paper bags, brought out all my Glimmer Mist and one of my found item bins and went to town. I took my lead from some of Dina Wakley's latest pages for her art journal class that she has been posting. Plus her old Hambly layouts, and everything else that woman does is pretty's easy to be inspired by her. I took a couple of photos of everything while it was drying on my clothesline above the sink, but I had to rethink the pics because my kitchen mess would make some people dive for cover. It's a mess on top of a mess beside another mess. I will edit and post later today. I was going to get my magnetic chalkboard paint up on the wall, but I forgot to bring it so I could go back to Days and get it mixed again. So nix that plan.

Umm...what was the point I was trying to make...not sure where this post is going. Umm. Oh well. Let's move on then. Gather my thoughts. Make them a little more coherent and blog-post friendly...

Am helping Kara with Riff Raff brainstorming today. I do not envy her the task of creating new shapes for the rest of the year. But she has some good ideas, so good will prevail.

Have been trying to plan upcoming classes for TM. I have a bunch of ideas...but who knows if people will want to take them. It seems like the only people selling classes are the "famous" scrapbookers that are doing online fun classes. Mini albums, altered stuff, messy know...the stuff I do! I have a couple of basic/beginners classes, getting started on your wedding album, altered canvas, getting messy with messy stuff.

Wow. I'm having a really hard time getting my thoughts out today. I mostly just sound like a crazy person who didn't pass english (I am crazy, but I passed English with flying colours!)

I'm just going to stop now. Yep. Nothing terribly exciting is happening anyway. Oh my. I'm off.


Turns out I have a fan

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