Wednesday, July 15, 2009

oh my heart is a fish out of water

am waiting to "buy" Mother Mother sonic session tickets. am way too excited! i really need/want a coffee but I can't leave my desk until after I get them. I have refreshed the page a ridiculous amount of times since I opened this blog post. ridiculous!

and SUCCESS! WOOT! I'm emailing my date after I publish this blog (I hope she's in town that week...update: she said yes!!)

i am goofy happy now!


tonight we are going to the rescheduled Light the Night Gong show, I mean Kick Off. She gives one day notice...ONE DAY! How is that even smart? How does she run this thing? (into the ground??)


everything here is beautiful. I would post a real photo, but my blog doesn't like GIF.


my sister & I are going to see Harry Potter on Sunday. I only have 3 days to read the book! again! There's a good trailer here but it takes forever to load. it looks ery exciting. On a kind of similar note, I'm almost finished reading Eldest, the second book in the Inheritance series by Chris Paolin. It's all about dragons and magic and elves and stuff. Funny: The Dragon Rider Master taught his student the sun pose in yoga!! but of course they didn't call it that!


Am being very unproductive at work today. very. yesterday and Monday were so crazy, I just want to take it easy today...COFFEE a little sidetracked. I asked Betty about her family and I almost finished my coffee while she talked! love it!


have you noticed how everyone and their dog is doing online classes of some sort? art journaling, page creating, mini album making, you name it. so I want to get in on the action. hop on the bandwagon so-to-speak. I just have to figure it out a little more, then I will get back to you. I shouldn't be adding any more to my plate...I'm already 5 days behind on my Techneek post that I promised. Dang it!

I have been thinking about doing a little inspiration/love/messy journal. I bought this book and am having loads of fun with it already! I want to do something similar, called "Love this Book." I have some ideas, but since I haven't written anything down, I won't remember any of my good ideas and all will be for naught.


I built one of my new bookshelves last night. Unfortunately, the legs I bought for it don't work, at least not that i can see. boo hoo! I wanted to get them up and done. oh well. another trip to IKEA won't hurt me. speaking of that, they are having a sale on these fabulous fabric covered organixer things (like magazine holders, and paper boxes). Cheap cheap little birdie, cheap cheap!


This is very interesting. Russ & I are trying to plan where we're going for dinner on Friday. Lucas is going on a road trip to Calgary with Gma and Gpa! And this list is much longer than our list! But here is ours:
1. Cosmos - Greek downtown
2. Blue Plate
3. Original Joes
4. The Hat - burgers & tapas, on Jasper Ave
5. Dadeo - Creole/Cajun on Whyte
6. High Level Diner
7. The Lingnan - cantonese
8. Azucar Picante - latin, Northside
9. Mikado - Japanese, downtown & southside
10. Moxies
11. The King & I - thai

We have a very hard decision ahead of us!


In other words:
Just might hit up the Klondike Days Parade tomorrow morning. I mean Capital Ex of course.
Have been walking a whole two blocks from parking spot to office and I feel totally better and leaner! I think once my pass is gone, I'm going to find a lot farther away than usual and wander to work. Very wonderful.
This is also wonderful, except I hate high priced fashion. The idea of an online magazine with the links built right in is the very wonderful part. Kara, check out
Etsy is on freezer mode right now. I can't get anything to load. Argh!


Am still just piddling around. It's a boring day today. slow and steady (mostly just slow). we've got to be done soone. doc is gone for the day. only one hygenist here and she's working on one of us. am so ready to go. so so ready to go. we'll see.

i'll still sign off now, and maybe sneak out and get a donut (for those of you who don't know, I work in a building with a Tim's on the main floor. today just after noon the line up went from the counter to the door, lopped back down and then out into the lobby...that's a long line. i went and got the mail instead.)

later skater alligator

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  1. Your funny Ms. Lisa.

    Love that resturant list. You sure have a lot of free time...hahaha

    Miss you!


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