Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've got no strings to hold me down

to make me fret to make me frown. I had strings, but now I'm free. There are no strings on me!

I heard that song in it's entirety on "40s on 4" yesterday. Super!

Hello to my new followers...Wow...new followers. How Exciting! Now if only all my other friends would start following me. Harumph!

A couple of things that are bugging me today: It is damn impossible to find anything in a newspaper online. And you have to pay to read a full obituary.

*************LUNCH BREAK***************

Am actually busy up front today. Lots of filing. And letters to send. Woot. Messenger is not working...the maintenance that they did on Friday mucked it all up. Oh well. Maybe I'll gt Russ to do some tech support for me this Friday. He's so wonderful, helping me solve all my minor computer issues! Helps having a smart hubby!!


Found this blog today: Running With Scissors and it seems familiar, so maybe I posted about it ages ago. Hmmm? Anyhoo, this page caught my eye...

and I quite enjoy it. the layering. and the doodles. and the polaroid (yum). Making me feel a little more inspired to do some journaling tonight.
She also posted this picture. I love globes. Love them. And this pic is just so funny!


I have been very uninspired by my closet lately. Very. But I don't want to just go out and buy a bunch new stuff, because that would just be silly. Am going to try our some crazy new looks I think, just to get the ball rolling. So don't make fun of me...please.


Am very much looking foward to the Mother Mother Sonic Session on Thursday! Very Very.


Watched Part One of the Torchwood Mini-Series last night. I {heart} that show. It is very random and I missed like 98% of all the other episodes, and they killed off a bunch of the cast (I'm assuming that's why they're not around anymore) but they kept the most handsome, never aging, can't be killed, gay Captain Harkness. Lots of aliens, and time travel, and alternate realities and such.

Torchwood is kind of like Dr. Who, but they don't travel to the weird things...the weird things come to them. And I found some websites that review all five episodes in the series, and there are some spoilers and I can't decide if I want to read them (cause I really want to know what happens) or wait to watch the show (which I should do, cause it's only a couple of days wait)


I learned the other day that Russ doesn't like gum. Also, that he doesn't like movies about werewolves and vampires and stuff. Not horror movies (I hate horror movies), just fantasy movies. He doesn't like dragons, elves and dwarves much either, so I apologise to any of those reading my blog. It's not personal... We rented a BluRay the other night, and he didn't want to get the latest Underworld installment. I can't remember what we rented instead (it was that good...)


K. I'm going to download some Torchwood wallpaper. send some more letters. then head home. I really want to be productive tonight and post my little Mini Kit. We'll see. And maybe do something with the writing prompts on this blog.

later (hey, later can become the word alter if you adjust some letters there. hmmm. I must be packed pretty dense if I just noticed that. but it will become an art journal layout now that I have...)

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  1. Love the writing prompts blog. THANK YOU!


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