Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What's Behind Door Number Three??

I dunno...what is...wait for an update in the next week or two and you'll find out!!


So Veronica, Nadine and Chantel are going to be getting a little freebie from me in the next little bit. I usually give all my cast-offs and guinea pigs to Chantel (or K.C.) so I'll have to come up with something special for the three of them!

New fave blog:

It's also my new fave Etsy store.

Bought this new-to-me purse today on Etsy. It was only $6.50 US (plus $9 shipping). But all said and done, total Canadian was less than $20! And it has a mirror in the lid! Hello!!

Also wouldn't mind this little guy:
(even though I barely wear the fancy ring I already own!)

I went shopping at Value Village the other day. If it wasn't 10 minutes to close, I would have spent a lot more time (and money) there. Bought a funky floral shirt (Old Navy maternity), some rad black comfy capris (can never have enough of those!) and a rad blue camisol (Ricki's). Spent less than $20. Woot! Tried on a freaky sundress, and was disappointed when it didn't fit (looked very strange on me...). I will need to keep looking. I desperately want some kind of vintage/retro dress that isn't polyester. Big sizes are hard to find!

And I also really want some rad short tights, leggings, these guys

I have to curb my spending this month (HA!) with the wedding coming up. I still need to find some sort of "control-top" hose or undies or something. Any suggestions? Where are they selling Spanx nowadays?

Also, can't decide what colours of shoes and accessories to wear. I have some totally rad Steve Madden silver sandals, but I found some nice sparkly black ones the other day. So I purchased a pair of silver and a pair of black earrings, just in case! Will need to do a blog fashion show one of these days and get a vote going!

(here are the "silver" ones...from here)

Am very excited to get going on painting and decorating my dining room. Once we decide to either sell the pantry or move it downstairs, all that's left in my way is one bookshelf (that is going upstairs). Then we can buy our little Expedits and start installing! WOOT! I can't wait!!! (Note: I know I have been talking about this project forever but this time it's for real!)

Soccer tonight. Hoorah. Lucas does okay during the "drills" but he can't be bothered to actually play a game. But that's okay, because we both get some exercise! He has a little tournament on the weekend...they all get medals, and get to play a bunch of games. It should be fun. And playschool is done in a couple of weeks, with soccer following shortly after. I need to start planning some fun play dates and road trips for the summer! Am thinking Reynolds Museum, the splash park in Beaumont, Telus Science Centre, IKEA (we tried their Smaland out for the first time and we both loved it!), Millennium Place swimming and indoor playground (the way Lucas says this is adorable: "Em-lenium Place"!!). Also lots of trips to the neighbourhood playgrounds and bike rides.

must get back to work before the day is done...


p.s. should be expecting a call the next couple of days re: work stuff! Hazaa!


  1. Spanx = Le Saisons(sp?)(the bra shop next to Old Navy at WEM) or its on the upper level btw Old Navy and H&M, it's a plus size store (for the life of me I can't remember the name of it!). I {heart} spanx. You could always check out the Bay and see what they have. I have 2 - a full body one and a tank top one...

  2. Spanx are at Addition-Elle. Can't get dressed up without them! Can't wait to see the wedding fashion show! Hope everything is going well for your sister with all the wedding planning. I have WAY too many weddings to go to this summer and nothing to wear. Do they still sell burlap sacks (LOL)?

    Would love to hook up with you and Lucas for some summertime fun. Kaeden LOVES getting out and he is finally taking a shinning to the water.

  3. Hey beautiful Layd who does not comment on my blog...I have some awesome things for you but you would have had to read my blog to know that.

    Miss you.

    Spanx - Dawn's Bratique ahs them.

    I love those leggings!

    PS. my word is limetie


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