Friday, June 05, 2009


SO Fridays at work are kind of stupid. I'm the only person here, and yet I get calls all morning asking for things that I usually can't answer, so I just tell them to call back on Monday. Argh! I always seem to get the annoying patient who has all sorts of insurance questions or questions about the particulars of their surgery, and I just can't answer most of those. We do not advertise that we are open on fact everywhere our hours are listed it says Monday to Thursday...and yet here I am...Oh well. It gives me time to post on my Blog and catch up on the blogs I read. I mostly just want to sit and read a magazine today, I am so tired.

So I look totally hot today, but it is an impractical outfit. The skirt is too short for sitting at a desk and I am freezing...but I look hot! I took a picture, but am reluctant to try and get it onto one of the machines here to upload...maybe later. I also have pictures of my wedding shoes contenders that I will post later so we can start the vote! Am wearing shoes #2 today and LOVE THEM! They're "gladiator" style. I feel so B.C. retro! (or C.E. for those who don't believe in Chris)

I moved a bookshelf about 4 inches to the right yesterday and my back arms and shoulders are killing me. I hate that. But slowly forward I move toward my goal of having all my rooms sorted out by the end of the summer. Maybe I'll save moving the other furniture until next week...don't want to aggravate the injury!!

Lucas slept in his IKEA tent last night. It was so funny to see a giant white tent in his little room. I stuffed it full of blankets, and he fell asleep right away, with his book still in his hands. Evey kid needs a tent.

Hi Juli...can you re-invite me to your blog (if you haven't done so already). I forgot about allowing myself access, and my invitation expired. Thanks I love you, I miss you.

Am working on a nice set of paintings. That reminds me...need to use the back in a sec..........................................................................did you miss me? k that one was a bathroom break, but I will have to go and type up my little caption for the paintings. They are going to be quite wonderful if I do say so myself! The captions are from a song I have been really jonesing this past week. With my new ability to listen to my iPod over my car speakers (thanks Russ...I love you!), I have been listening to the main playlist. It's the default list when I plug my iPod in to the car. I was a BIG Silverchair fan back in the day. When their final album came out, I bought it and it was nothing like their earlier stuff. Which was dissapointing back then, but now that I have matured I really dig it...lots of cool melodies and big orchestral sounds. Song: Across the Night. Band: Silverchair.

I was supposed to go look for a bike helmet this afternoon, but I forgot my gift certificate at home, so I guess I will put it off another week. dang it.

I've decided to read through Elsie's fave blogs list today. First up Rachel Denbow, who is expecting a baby (how luckY). And she has this picture posted on her blog:

It totally makes me want to buy those alphabet cards from K&Co. Okay, it only sort of makes me want to buy them...I wouldn't actually put them to good use. But this is such a super idea for a kid's room!

I have decided to get some t-shirts made. With goofy sayings. All I need is to find some nice t-shirts, that fit me and look good (look nice) in some normal colours (nothing too bright!) and get them done up.

I also need to buy some good music. Am looking with longing at Friends of Red Velvet...especially Jeremy. He has such a lovely voice. Will spend the rest of my iTunes mother's day gift card today. Hoorah!

Anybody watch SYTYCD last night? They picked the top 20. One of the girl's names is "Oscar"...okay it isn't actually, but it might as well be. Weird. They have some controversy, as per usual. And one guy they couldn't take because he has a contract with some big ballet company, and they wouldn't let him go! WOw!

Just had a minor work freak out...moved someone's appointment that had already happened last year, all because she found an old note. ARGH! I was going crazy cuckoo for a moment there! All is well now...

Funniest thing written ever (today, on a blog): "i love how crafty my girlfriend is. because she leaves fun things like this around the house." with a picture of scattered buttons below. It's funny because my husband would never ever in a million zillion years of living with me say he thought it was cute or crafty or neat that I leave piles of buttons (or ribbons, or paper, or upcycled weird metal things) laying around my house. He calls it as he sees it and he calls it: MESS! (author of said blog is Will, boyfriend of Erin, who works with Elsie. see post here, scroll down until you see the buttons.)

Elsie's Blog Party on Monday was super fun! She always posts such neat pictures, and she had lots of guest bloggers to help her out! I didn't win anything (boo) but Chantel did!! See below...
Yeah, I know...Chantel wearing a nerd glasses necklace. I just can't see it! Am not desperately in love with any new Red Velvet stuff. Am still waiting for the perfect purchase.

Does anyone else love wood grain as much as me? The answer is: yes. And I would love this little bag, or just the fabric. Can you just imagine a big ol' duvet cover in this fabric!! With some light blue or bright yellow pillows on top! WOOT!

NOte to self: Add to the "things-you-should-not-do list search "wood grain" on Etsy. That is all for today self.

Anyways, I should sign off. I need to finish some letters before I go today, and this is nothing but an awesome, yet unhelpful distraction!

later skater alligator

P.S. not sure I'm as in love with Courier font as I thought I would be. I'll give it a couple of days to get used to, then we'll have to see...

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  1. Ahhh, Lisa. I {heart} you!

  2. Lisa thanks for the shout out. You do know I have a blackberry and the second you email me...I know...I already resent your admission to my site.

    Woodgrain fabric - tons on etsy I totally want some myself for what i don't know but I have to have some.


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