Friday, June 12, 2009

it's friday, so here I am

Cool new Etsy sites:
London Tierney funky epoxy and painted buttons
Her Art very grafitti-inspired and wonderful! with some drawings and Hambly rubons thrown on for good measure!
(and her Blog: Such Sweet Tierney)

Both of these things make me very happy! And inspired to at least go home and finish the super ultra secret surprise album for Lucas' playschool teacher!

Question: How do you guys feel about being rewarded for doing your job...? We have a lady on the Playschool board who has (supposedly) been going above and beyond what's in her meagre volunteer job description and some of the other members of the board want to give her something as a thank you. Now I was thinking a Thank You card would probably suffice. After all, isn't that what Hallmark makes them for? But no...they want a gift to accompany the card. The big problem that we forsee happening is that some of the other parents might hear about what we've done and think that you get a present if you volunteer for the Board. And while we realy need people on the Board, we don't want this to be the motivation for volunteering. And I think the Board is split in half for and against this little project. I am against. I've done extra stuff this year, that was not required of me based on the position I signed up for, but I do not expect nor do I want a gift. It just kind of irks me...that is all. Maybe it's just my cold dead heart speaking!

I really wish I could order from Red Velvet's actually a BUG in their cart software that was causing the problems so they have to upgrade or something before I can order! ARGH! Not that I have any $$ for that this month...

Plus Russel and I are getting a new-to-us car. (getting-the-mail, printing some labels, drinking coffee intermission...). Our cars are getting to the point where we would have to put more money into them, then they are currently worth! So we'll get a little SUV and get rid of both cars...that's right...we'll be a one-car family. These are the four that Russ has been looking at:

Hyundai Santa Fe

Jeep Liberty

Ford Escape

Kia Sportage

They are all kind of the same price range and features and what not. It's exciting to be getting a new car! But that means I will start working an extra day at the dentist. Oh much for all my summer plans! And now we also have to decide which renovation projects get put on hold another year...

There is a smell of sausage or something burning in the office is vomitrocious and I wonder how I am getting any work done at all. (HA! work!?)

Yesterday was Lucas' year end party for playschool. Only two more classes! It was very stressful for me...too many people. I had to go home early. Also, kids are mostly just brats, and parents are clueless. The playschool kids are all adorable and wonderful, but the elementary kids that were taking their lunch break at the same time were most annoying.

We rented a super cool bouncy thing for the kids with a big slide inside that was the hit of the day! Well, the elementary kids started lining up to go in. Our loyal parents stepped up and said NO...PLAYSCHOOLERS ONLY. Do you think that stopped them? That would be no. They started getting some real attitude about it, trying to see how far they could go! Jumping against it, then when we told them to stop that, they would stand against it, then when we told them to cut that out, they would just touch it. ARGH!! )#(*YO)W%)(*@&^@(*#. You read that right. Then they started sending up the short kids among them to see if they could sneak in! HA! Then they started asking if they could have some of our food, blah blah blah. It was so nice when lunch time was over!

As for the parents...don't even get me started. I just can't talk about it again. I just don't understand some people.

KARA...check this out for Riff Raff in real life (I would email you the link but that means logging out of Blogger then logging back in with my gmail password...bane of my existence really! So you'll have to settle for this link!) Picture of the layout and the Original post on the Creative Type (you'll have to scroll down a lot for the image)

SO, I bought Elsie's boyfriend's CD the other day (on iTunes, so no actual physical CD) and was very exciting to start listening to it. Jeremy has such a sweet voice, and the instrumental is amazing, and did he just say "the Lord." Yes. Yes he totaly did. DaMNit. I bought a Christian pop album without even knowing it. I should have guessed because it's called Salvation and he is dating Elsie, but I guess I didn't use my brain enough on this one. Now, most of you would say: "so what...if it's good music just ignore the religiousity" (okay, no one I know would use the word "religiousity" but bare with me here...should that be bear? i dunno) Okay. But you see, I am Lisa the ultimate CYNIC and I cannot ignore religion when I see or hear it. It pervades my thoughts and brings out little sarcastic comments and eye rolls when I hear a modern "praise the lord" song. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the "yay god" and everything, but religion has no place on my iPod. So we'll see if I can ignore the lyrics and just appreciate the artist that he is...we'll see.

AM drinking old coffee, heated in the microwave, with homo milk in it. I think I'm going to wander over to Starbucks before I leave today. I deserve it.

Have been eating a lot this week. I find I have a natural binge/purge cycle. Not that I purge, per se, but I do eat lots one week then practically nothing the next. I have a week of cravings and desire and I can't seem to satisfy my appetite, then I have a week when I barely have to eat anything to keep myself going. It's like I'm on a yo-yo diet without even recognizing it. I'm going to start documenting these cycles and see what I can do to remedy this problem and find a healthy middle ground. It's amazing how much we can learn from ourselves if we just pay attention.

AM trying to think of other things I need to finish before I'm out of seems today went by very quickly! Good? Bad?

Have any of you seen Adrienne Looman's latest collection in an actual Michael's? I haven't...and for good reason...I can't afford to see it right now! It's super cute, I'm sure. It must have been so exciting for her walking into Michael's and seeing her stuff! WOw!

Maybe too sparkly for me...yeah that's right...too sparkly!

Am thinking this might be fun-mail week. Will make a trip to Value Village or Goodwill or somewhere equally cheap-o and pick up some funsies for my gal-pals. Or I'll just print random pictures off the Internet and disguise them as my very own...mwa hahaha!

The Door stuff is coming along nicely (actually, I haven't really done much more than basic reasearch and talking to my hubby about it but next week I promise to have something more concrete) I brought my camera to work today (and it's a good thing too!) so I'm going to take a picture of a wall after work and see where things go from there. (I know very cryptic eh? Chan might have an idea of what I'm blogging about, and KC as well if she reads me today, but next week...)

Amy's getting married next Saturday!! WOWEE! I was going to post some neat-o wedding pics here, but I am feeling too lazy right now. I bought some fancy wedding underpants yesterday. I think I want to wear them everywhere...bye bye pudgy belly! They are surprisingly comfortable for underpants that start under your boobies and stop just above your knees. As if that's not the most awesome picture in your head now!!

I'll leave you with some lovely art from one of my fave Etsy shoppes: Sea Spray Blue.


  1. Okay, so my mom used to have a SantaFe. I loved it when I got to drive it! Not too big, not too small. Alot more "umpf" than my itty bitty car. And I think they are pretty stylish...

    As for the reward for extra work thing...hummm...I will admit that even though helping the guys out at work is my job they will still bring me muffins and HC from Tims every so often as a thank you. Especailly if I do something super rush rush for them. I don't ask for the muffins and stuff but it is a nice gesture. That being said I am the only admin helping everyone out so no contest. But if there a bunch of other people on the committee doing extra stuff too than a) either everyone should get a reward or b) no one gets a reward.

    Ahhh, religion. a big wide topic...I blog hop and I've come across some blogs that are very very very's hard to read sometimes with all the praising and praying that goes on. Now don't get me wrong I think it is great that they beleive so much but I don't. On 2Peas they always have "discussions" (aka fights) on religion that are sometimes interesting to read. I grew up going to Catholic church and Catholic schools. Did the whole first communion and stuff. Haven't set foot into a church since high school. I don't know. I'm happy being my good ole athiest or nontheism self...:) that doesn't even really answer anything or go deeply into anything...I don't know what I'm talking about anymore...yadda yadda yadda

    Kids...that's why I have cats! :D

  2. vomitrocious - that is fabulous.

    Your post was long and now I can't remember what I wanted to say. Congrats on the new car....crap. still don't remember.

  3. Oh now I remember...the volunteer thing. No, no gift. It will start an ugly fight. Everyone gets a card or someone will feel left out. I had that it's like giving a bonus to a few people and those few people finding out and then feeling like they aren't going above and beyond when they are.

    hahahah your word ver: i stab


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