Saturday, May 16, 2009

too late...but it's so worth it!

it is 12:20 in the am. I am tired, but finally feeling inspired and ready to burst at the seams with creative energy!! I'm not taking any pics tonight of my stuff, but I thought I would share some older layouts with you while i wait for some more pictures to print.

love ya long time

P.S. love the Riff Raff release for June! LOVE IT! Am playing with it right now. Check out their site for some inspiration from previous months...they're currently making it through the may shapes.

P.P.S When I finally posted was 1:40am!! See you in 5 hours!!

1 comment:

  1. your creativity disgusts me sometimes (in a good way)!!
    I dont think your photos of your layouts do them justice at all though. You know how my ADD and OCD gets in the way of focusing on what im supposed to focus on-- can you crop them for me?
    Love you


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