Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so behind

I got to hang out with some friends on Saturday night...friends I see maybe twice a year. It's amazing what you can learn over four bottles of wine (that's one for each of us...not all for me!)

Quite awhile back now...Killers concert I think...I got a text message alert on my phone. Now I never send or receive any texts, so I figured it was one of those annoying messages sent by your cell phone company letting you know about an upcoming promotion or something. Boy was I wrong! Let's just say that there was mention of nakedness and Mary Jane...and then a second message apologizing for the first, as it was sent to my phone by mistake!! HA! HA! HA! Made my night!!

Went to see Terminator Salvation last night...advance screening! Woo! It was good. Just good. There were some awesome parts, they kept it at 2 hours, there were some classic one-liners, it was really cool to see all the Terminators and the planes and other machines. But overall it was just meh, just okay. It was cool to see a movie before it hits theatres! Usually I see it about 3 years after!! Give or take a year.

Soccer tonight. It was such a gong show last week...Russ thinks Lucas is being difficult, but he is like this with everything new. It takes him forever to get used to something enough that he doesn't freak out everytime you mention it. Russ is going to go alone tonight (no Momma for him to come crying to!), which I'm actually okay with! I hope it works out better. Plus I get some time to myself to catch up on dishes and Techneek stuff!

Our Vegas trip is booked! We are going the first week of September with some of Russel's friends from work. Now, I'm not the biggest Vegas fan, but I know Russ is really looking forward to this, so that makes it more fun!


  1. Ooohh Vegas! I need a vacation...
    Too bad the Star Trek exhibit closed down...

  2. Star Trek will be open when we far as Russ can tell!! WOOT!

  3. Oooooh! I didn't know they were re-opening it! Have fun!


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