Friday, May 22, 2009

losing my mind

I lost my iPod. I think it is somewhere in my house.

How do you lose something that you touch and see and use everyday? And comes in it's very own bright green and fuzzy case. I even asked Lucas if he knew where it was, beause sometimes he hides things on me. But he hasn't seen it. He suggested I look in my bag, because at least he's smart enough to know that's where I usually keep it.

Note: My stupid mouse is stupid. It doesn't like working and has just now made me lose a bunch of this post, which I will now re-type so you will never know the difference.

I am losing my mind as well. I lose lots of things in my house. All the time. My camera cord is the latest casualty. Maybe this will get me keeping better orderliness about me at all times. Most likely not. I am too unorganized on the inside to be organized on the outside.

My fantastic hubby was on the radio this morning. He did not win the Modern Rock Door on Sonic. He sounds so fab on the radio though!

Watched the Notebook yesterday. I "taped" it ages ago and just got in the mood to watch it. And I cried. But it was good! I also watched The Family Stone the other day. It is full of famous people: Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson, Rachel McAdam, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the Wilson brothers, etc. It is funny and sad as well. I like it a lot! It is a Christmas movie (it takes place over Christmas) so it was weird to watch with all the snow and decorations...a little too odd when you want the weather to be anything but snow and more snow!

The plants I planted on Sunday are still alive. Hurrah! I dutifully covered them with blankets and towels for all the snow and cold weather we got right after! Honestly, as soon as I had cleaned everything up and started to head inside, the sky changed and it started getting cold and windy and snowy! Not fair!!

Stupid patient just called to cancel her Monday appointment because she has a bit of a cold and she just got back from Europe and blah blah blah. Thanks for the notice!!

I have been very behind with my Techneek posts over on the Techneek blog. Last week nothing, and I couldn't find my camera cord so I didn't post my Project while I was at work. And this week, also nothing, so far. I might get something done this afternoon, but don't bet on it. Fits and spurts.

This blog is wonderful to read. Makes me want to go on a road trip and sing old songs and lay in the grass staring up at the clouds. Also, their shop site is awesome too! I always find 2 or 3 hundred things I want to buy! One day...

Also... cross my fingers that this works!!

also, I want a tablecloth:

Also, an unopened Disney Toy Story paper tablecloth from like 1998 or whatever IS NOT VINTAGE, and will only be vintage in about 40 years. So don't call it that just to bump up your searches on Etsy. ARGHH!! Waste of bits and bytes!

Later skater alligator...

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