Friday, May 15, 2009


had the worst day ever yesterday. worst. but things are always worse in your mind than in reality, and by the end of the day I was feeling much better. i swore a lot yesterday...used up all my allotted f-words for the year!

Rule of the Universe #602: When you are running late, and your son hasn't eaten, even though you've been asking him for the last hour and a half if he's hungry and wants a snack or lunch and you already ate and then something happens to make you even more late, he will tell you he's hungry the moment you start putting your shoes on.

Today is proving to be a really annoying day at the office. Lots of stupid calls, lots and lots. Patients here. Lots of mail to do and xrays to duplicate and files to find and insurance to deal with, yadda yadda. I really need some art time tonight. Maybe will take something to TM to work on during dinner. Yes, I am going to TM for dinner to mooch off the crop food. I am horrid! But have permission to do so!!

My back is sore. The coffee isn't doing it's job, but I can't afford a StarBucks today. My computer troubles were fixed, but also not and since I wasn't here when they "fixed" it I don't know how to do it myself if the problem happens again in the future.


Am finally getting a girls night with my HS friends tomorrow, and I so need it! Dinner and wine and catching up! Hazaa!

P.S. Isn't it weird when you meet someone in a totally random way and it turns out they are friends with some of your friends...and you hear news about your friends through them. That just goes to show that I don't talk to my HS friends enough anymore. Note to self...

Sorry this is such a random boring post with no photos. I just needed a place to vent for a moment before I get back to work. Break time is over!!

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