Saturday, May 30, 2020

In The Garden - Coffee Grounds

The front food garden is coming along SO GOOD! These photos were taken 2 weekends ago, and I can already see a big difference between then and today.

Continuing with some of my zero waste and compost blogs, I wanted to share a little video on how I divert COFFEE GROUNDS from the landfill by using them in my garden.

Gosh Laverne is so pretty right now...

I also learned that coffee grounds are a potential deterrent for whatever animal has been munching on the carrot tops! Very excited!

I do this "treatment" every couple of weeks now. That's about how long it takes to fill up the plastic container. I have lots of garden to cover, and then any extra will go straight into the backyard compost bins.


All of my "Zero Waste" posts are here, and I think I have a few "Gardening" ones saved as well.

I found a lot of great articles about using coffee grounds in your garden on Google. There are some plants that you shouldn't use them with. So always do a little extra research if you're not sure.


All right I’ve got a quick gardening video for you today. I have been saving my coffee grounds for awhile, and I usually put them in my compost but I noticed that Dan wasn't throwing the coffee grounds into the compost bin (under the sink) so I thought, what's an easier way for him to be able to do this so I can still use the ground for something? So this is silly, but this is what I did.

I took this plastic container and it's pretty shallow and I stuck it in the cupboard below where we make coffee. So he has to just open a door, open up the container, and dump it in. We still use paper filters because as you can see there's a hole there. Our percolator you have to punch a hole through the filter and I haven't quite figured out how to make my cloth filters work for that. So today we're going to use coffee grounds in the garden!

The coffee grounds are good for a few things in your garden. They help retain moisture, they help prevent some pests like slugs and stuff. They are supposed to help with worms which I'm not sure how they do. And they also have some good maybe nutrients or something I think I've heard I'm not sure. I use them more for pest deterrent I think this year for me especially and the water retention. And they are super easy to apply.

So yeah to apply you pretty much just you sprinkle them around. I don't want them to clump too much because then it's almost too hard on the top as it dries. You can mix it in too. I don't need a lot. I'm going to do a little better job here when I'm not holding my camera. And that's it! I use a regular dinner spoon because that's my jam I have knives and spoons littered throughout my garden because of course I do. So that's it. A super easy way to divert coffee grounds from the waste stream in the garbage. We drink a lot of coffee as I'm sure many of you folks do as well so this is Black Gold for us for the garden and for our compost. I would love to hear how you use up food surplus. Something that otherwise would go to the garbage in your kitchen.

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