Friday, January 24, 2020

Our Jasper Tradition - November 2019

Jasper Tradition - November 2019 from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo

I love making longer videos of all the snippets of videos I take on our vacations. It reminds me of old school home videos from when I was a kid. Except mine have captions!

Please enjoy this piece of our adventure from November 2019 in Jasper National Park. This weekend road trip is a tradition for us. We get a cabin in town on or around Remembrane Day - November 11 in Canada. The whole point of this tradition is to do a bit of exploring, do a bit of laying around, eat snacks, and visit the cemetery. On this particular occasion we went on a hella long walk, found a train, a cemetery, some elk, and some more elk. It was frosty and amazing, and I am so proud of us.

My family has been traveling to Jasper National Park since before I was born. And I have been documenting my trips in many ways, for many years. You can find all of my Jasper-related blog posts here.


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