Monday, January 08, 2018

Mini Album Tradition

At Christmas of 2016, I started what I hoped would be a new tradition for my family. On the night we celebrated Christmas with my Mom, I took Instax photos of everyone in attendance and had them fill out a little card. On it they were instructed to write their favourite part of Christmas, or something they were grateful for.

Once complete, I bound all the photos and cards in a little - teensy really - book.

The act of documenting these memories and moments, combined with the creation of the little book was very special to me, and I hoped to continue it to the next Christmas.

Enter Christmas 2017. We celebrated with Mom a little early this year, on the 23rd, and I had so much going on in my brain that day, that I totally forgot about this little project! I was slightly miffed when I realized my mistake, but was thankful for the opportunity to fix it on New Year's Eve when we all gathered again to play some games at my sister's house.

This time I changed their "assignment" to better reflect the holiday and asked them to note either their:

Favourite memory from 2017


Most anticipated moment in 2018

And the results were wonderful and amusing.

For last year's post, click here. That video is much funnier than this year's video. I also wrote up a little "how to" in terms of building the book, in case you are interested.

I mention in the video that I might purposefully change it up again next year. We are all going to Mexico (!) together in November. I feel like a little album documenting our fave Mexico moment will be quite spectacular.


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