Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Lisa Reads - 2017 In Review

Well, it's the end of the year, which means it's time to set aside some time and reflect on the best books I read in 2017.

And I read a lot of books. (Too many, but that's another post...)

I started keeping track of the POC authors I read - which I am going to do again this year - and did a respectable 15. My woman author count was down from the previous year, but still accounted for a lot of books on the list. And I blew my non-fiction goal out of the water. I wanted to read 7 and ended up with 24 non-fiction titles under my belt for the year! Lots of those were tackled via audio book, which I am still enjoying as a great way to pass the time on my commutes and while I exercise.

Lucas & I polished off a bunch of kid's audio books too - which I am going to try and keep track of next year! He is already finished his first book of 2018...Hey! Would anyone be interested in some "Dude Recommends" features here?

I have pulled out some of my faves for the year, but with the sheer volume of books I read, this was a tough one for me. I have some thoughts on that, but you'll have to scroll down for those!

Oh man, this was the year of AMAZING non-fiction! How do I even pick my top 3? I mean, I read 24 non-fiction titles this year, and most of them were pretty awesome.

So I am going to approach this from a recommendation standpoint.

If you are looking to expand on your activism, read Unsettling Canada by Arthur Manuel. Hell, if you are CANADIAN, just do yourself and your indigenous neighbours a favour and read this book.

If you like science and wanna learn something new, read Gulp by Mary Roach.

If you are looking for something inspirational, that will make you feel good, and also give you a kick in the pants to pursue your dreams, read Year of Yes: How To Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rimes.

But ultimately, I really enjoyed most of the non-fiction titles I read this year, and recommend checking out the full list here.

This is the easiest pick for me, because I read my mind-blowing, knock my socks off sci-fi this year.

The Fifth Season trilogy and the Ancillary Justice trilogy were some of the best science fiction books I have ever read. In fact, they were flat out some of the best overall books I have ever read. The worlds were rich, and lush, and the characters were amazing in every way. This series was Ann Leckie's first ever (which just blows my damn mind), so there isn't any back catalogue for me to dive into, but NK Jemisin has been writing for awhile so I am going to try and fill my TBR next year with titles from her.

And finally, the Six of Crows duo by Leigh Bardugo. I enjoyed this one much more than her Grisha trilogy. An impossible heist, an unlikely group of criminal-heroes, double cross, magic! It was really special and exciting!

I thought I had another header...perhaps fave graphic novel or fave YA, but I can't find it...so...moving on!

I guess this is an impossible category too. This is what I get for reading 76 books in a year...can't pick a favourite! Can't even begin to remember the favourites...and that's a big problem for me.

I feel like I read too many books this year, and my brain feels all scattered. That may sound silly, but I am realizing now that my intent isn't to read "all the books", but to read books that interest, teach, and excite me.

I have a different approach to this goal next year, and I am excited to get started with #lisareads2018.

I want to be more focused in my book selection.
I want to keep my library holds under control!
I want to read more titles that relate to my goals, and my 5-year plan.
I want to read more science fiction, fantasy, and other genres that I love!

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