Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fat/Fit Diaries - Body & Mind Positivity

'i love myself'
most powerful.


by Nayyirah Waheed

I have been getting really pissed off by the "body positivity" messages I've been reading online lately. Women who represent the traditional perception of "beauty" - thin, white, long hair, symmetrical features, professional-looking makeup, cis, able-bodied, can afford nice clothes and personal trainers - telling me to "love my body" no matter what it looks like. Fuck off! What the hell do you know?

But what the hell do I know about what the hell they know?

I am mad that they dominate the conversation around body positivity, but I am still learning how to turn my anger into something productive. That's a big, hard lesson.

I want to read and learn via people with marginilized identities who are trying to change the world. I want to fill the hole that I see and feel in these "body positivity" mommy blogs that still only represent privileged white women.

I don't know how I am going to do that. But I am going to start by continuing to diversify my reading. It always comes back to reading for me. All. Ways.

I actually really love myself and my body, and I am not ashamed to say that here. But that is not the beginning or the end of this story.

Anyhoo, I took these photos because I thought I looked cuuuute, and sometimes it's just as simple as that.
- I decided that pink pearls were totes appropriate for "Easter" Dinner at my Dad's house.
- Braiding my hair gives me an arm cramp, but it is worth it every time because: A) I look cuuute, and B) I can get away without washing my hair for one more day!
- These jeans didn't fit me last year, but they fit again, so that's something for me to feel good about.
- This is one of the few moments this weekend when it wasn't snowing.


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  1. It's hard, I get feel much those same thoughts. How do you know what it feels like? Easy for you to say! Fuck you and your ability to make me feel worse than I felt before I found your feed/site/"encouraging words".

    I try to either ignore or investigate. Investigating: Do they actually know what it's like? I dig a little deeper, were they ever over weight or carry too much weight for too long? Did they struggle with mental mind fucks all day? Did they crawl their way out of a hole? If they did... I'm listening. How did you do it? Can their tips and ideas help me? Even if I can take one thing away from them then it was a win. If not.... I keep scrolling. It took a long time to recognize these things though.

    1. I like this "dig deeper" mentality a lot. Ignore or investigate...very perfect.


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