Thursday, March 30, 2017

MORE Disney World Scrapbooking

"Funny" story about this photo! The professional took 3 photos of us in front of the castle: a close up, this one with Tinkerbell added, and a third one where some JERK WHO HATES HAPPINESS photobombed our nice family picture with his fucking dumbass face and hands or whatever. And he was so close in I couldn't even have cropped him out. So by "funny" I mean Stupid Jerk. But this one has a cute Tinkerbell at the top sprinkling her pixie dust magic, so I can't be all mad!

We didn't get a lot of photos taken in the park by the professionals, but the ones we did turned out really nice and were a great addition to our memories. I definitely recommend getting the photo package, even at Disney World where it seems like an exorbitant price when you are planning your trip, but is actually quite reasonable when you get home from your trip and realize that the few photos that you now have to buy individually pretty much add up to how much you would have spent on the package to get unlimited photos. So there. That's my Disney Tip. Get the damn photo package.


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