Friday, March 31, 2017

Lisa Listens 2017

I am a latecomer to Podcasts, and I am in love!

I listen to them at work, and it actually helps me focus on my work! Weird right?! Sure, I miss some stuff in the Podcast, but I can easily "rewind" (is that still what it's called or am I old?) and catch up if needed! It's literally the best!

I listen to them at the gym, in the car, and when filing paperwork at home. This is not revolutionary or new information, but I just want to get across to people who say they have "no time" to listen to Podcasts that it's really easy to fit them into your day.

Buffering the Vampire Slayer - This remains one of my favourite TV shows of all time, and the married duo that publishes this podcast are funny, and sweet, and sensitive to how Buffy interacts with bigger themes of our world (feminism, racism, etc.). And the best part is one of the gals is a singer and they create songs for each episode! The best!!

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - This is one of BFF's favourites, and he got me hooked after a few (hours) listening in the car. These are LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGG episodes, so be prepared to get invested. He covers some "hardcore" periods in our history (war, conquerors, torture, etc.) so please keep that in mind. He loves Herodotus.

Kindred - A couple of Edmonton gals talking about life, friendships, compassion, etc.

Atlas Obscura's Horizon Line - This was a short series, only four episodes, showcasing 4 different extreme adventurers. As an adventurer myself, this was a fascinating listen.

Missing Richard Simmons - Wow guys. This podcast has been all the buzz lately, and is definitely worth a listen. A bit controversial, but also very informative and interesting. Ultimately, a passionate search for a lost friend, all while exploring concepts of depression, fame, personality and obligation.

All the Books! - This is my favourite! Two fab ladies chatting about "new books out today", with a dash of life wisdom and feminism in there.

You Must Remember This - Another new one for me, this series explores some of the "controversial" figures in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Scandals, backstories, little known history. I listened to the Marilyn Monroe episodes, and now I've moved on to Joan Crawford.

Welcome to Nightvale - This is the first podcast I started listening to, and I still love it. It is weird, and unsettling, and very funny (like, in a creepy way...). Not a fan of any of their spinoffs though. Hmm.

Pretty much I mostly listen to podcasts hosted by people that I want to be friends with.

Help me find more!

I have recently started filling my new Pod Catcher with every gall darn diddly podcast I can find that sounds remotely interesting, or aligns with my interests and hobbies. BFF & his buddies love Podcasts, but their tastes veer far and fast from mine! History is okay, but guns & ammo?! Um, no thank you? So while I do get some recommendations from them, I am mostly left to find my own.

And since you're here, we must have something in common! So, if you have any favourites, leave your podcast recommendations in the Comments! Thanks!

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