Friday, March 24, 2017

I'm In Love With The Shape of You

I am currently slightly obsessed with the Ed Sheeran song "Shape of You"

Hey Lisa. C'mon, don't lie. Let's get with the real talk.

I am VERY obsessed...

And so I googled the lyrics, and while listening to it for the eleventy billionth time, I had a thought.


This song reminds me of the important people in my life. So I tried to write a poem. And it was terrible.

It's hard putting feelings into words yo!

What I wanted to write was about how the bodies of my friends and family are comforting, solid reminders of their love and their support...of our connection.

When I hug them I am reminded of this and it fills me with happiness and gratitude.

I get it Ed, being in love with someone's shape...because that means so much more than sex or physical attraction.

It means warmth and affection and love and support and connection and all those things that sometimes only a touch or a hug or a big squeeze can convey. that I've made a damn fool out of myself in Closing, we miss you Barack


p.s. Please don't touch someone without their consent, okay! That's not cool!

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