Monday, March 20, 2017

Home Decor is Not My Jam Yo

For many reasons, I am just not a fan of "home decor". I don't get things for the sake of just being things. I prefer to fill my home with useful things, plants, art I love, and photos. I could put photos up on every single wall of my house and be a happy camper.

I have a Photo Gallery Wall in my hallway. I have photos tacked up in my bedroom, and on my bulletin board in the kitchen.

And more recently I have resurrected "My Instagram Display".

This project first came to life in 2012 and was showcased in this post right here.

That was back when it was popular to stick cutesy little "signatures' at the bottom of every blog post. Trust me when I say, everyone was doing this.

I have changed up my process a little bit since that first blog post. For one, I don't have a printer anymore, so I just order my favourite photos from my favourite photo lab in a variety of sizes. So "Instagram Display" is a misnomer now. Damn.

This is just a long way of saying "Look at these photos!"



  1. I think there is someone missing from your photo wall, hint, hint!

  2. Oh, yeah and I love that kind of photo display.


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