Wednesday, February 22, 2017

F&*king Block


Lately, all of my personal writing has been shit. Every time I attempt something in this space, I am disappointed, frustrated. It is full of navel-gazing, self-indulgent crap.

I have been stuck in my art as well. I left a painting on my easel for too long, one I had been struggling with. Every time I looked at it - which was often because it was sitting out in the open - I felt discouraged and doubtful about my abilities.

But I am slowly easing back into things.

I took that painting off the easel.

I played around with some supplies to create my One Little Word album covers.

I carved some stamps.

I always manage to get back to my creative self, but the prospect can seem daunting when all signs point to having lost it.

I have to learn to trust in myself.


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