Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mini (Mini) Album

I think I set the bar high last year for a new Christmas tradition.

Here, let this righteous "vlog" do the explaining!

- Corner rounder
- Random paper cut down to 3" x 4" (can also use Project Life or other pocket scrapbooking cards)
- Packing tape
- A couple of small embellishments or sticker letters
- Adhesive (my go-to is Sookwang)

Step By Step (ooh baby)
1. The most important steps are getting the photos and getting the writing. I used my Instax instant camera, but honestly you could just take photos of all your people, and print them later. Remember to take all the photos in the same orientation (landscape or portrait) to make it easier to create the album later.

Since I knew I wasn't going to see both sides of the card, I used some of my old one-sided business cards. The paper is really nice, and it's a shame to let them go to waste! Don't give your people a huge sheet of paper because that is guaranteed to overwhelm, and make them feel like they have to write a damn novel or something. A couple of sentences at most is all I asked for.

2. Since mine was a "Christmas theme", I went through my meager stash of Christmas themed supplies, and pulled paper from there. But honestly, use what you have. I used sparkly papers for the covers because I like gold sparkly paper yo.

If you want to use cards already cut down to size, assemble those. Enough so each picture and card gets a side.

3. Cut all of your paper down to size. I like the smaller size of this album because a) I wanted it to be a small keepsake and b) My Instax photos and the similarly sized cards fit just right! But make it whatever size works for your photos and journaling cards.

Corner round those suckers! Cause it makes it look so fancy schmancy.

4. Decide on your order of cards, photos, and papers and then BIND THEM!

I bind you paper. Bind you from doing harm against others and harm against yourself.

Grab your packing tape. Unroll a little bit, enough to mostly cover the edge of your paper, and cut it. Line it up to one side of your paper and stick it down. Now, butt your other page against the first one and stick them together.

This is honestly a shitty description and I should really do a video showing how I do this step. But I trust y'all and bet you can figure it out on your own.

5. Keep going until you have all your pages taped together. Then adhere your photos and journaling cards to the pages.

6. Embellish the covers as desired, and call it a night!

This was such a fun project to put together, but ultimately I am just SO STINKIN HAPPY that I got photos of and words from some of my favourite people. This is honestly going to become a treasured Christmas tradition.


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