Monday, January 02, 2017

2016 - A Year in IG Posts

I haven't yet squished all my One Second Everyday clips together, but here is a fun video that they put together using my most popular Instgram posts from the year!

I also built the following #bestnine2016

I came across a lot of people on IG that didn't like their so-called "Best Nine", as it's determined by likes and comments and maybe doesn't accurately reflect their ACTUAL Best Nine. Meaning, the photos or memories or moments that they are the most proud of, the ones they feel show their year more accurately.

I totally get that.

I also like all of the photos that you liked, so I'm okay with my "Best Nine". Are they the nine pics that I would have chosen? Not all of them. But I ain't got time to go through ALL the photos I posted to IG last year and narrow it down to 9.

Y'all saw how ridiculous that was when I tried to narrow down my 79 books...

Anyhoo, on wards and upwards to 2017.


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