Sunday, November 20, 2016

Christmas Scrapbooking

Working in scrapbooking-retail means Christmas products start showing up in August. We always feel a little sorry-embarrassed when well meaning shoppers ask us where our new Christmas product is in December. It's gone lady...we sold out in September!

But seriously, This also means, that I get to scrapbook last year's Christmas photos in August thanks to my Design Team role. Which can be a challenge for this scrapbooker!

This is the latest. Not sure how I am going to fit it in my 8x8 December Daily album...

The black letters are really OLD Making Memories rub-ons. This was a supply that us gals HOARDED, and couldn't get enough of. And they still work perfectly. Making Memories had their shit together, that's for sure.

Now, being that Christmas is just over the horizon, I have started thinking about this year's December Daily. Every year in November I tell myself that I'm not going to do one, and every November 30 I give in and am scrambling to pull something together! Last year's will be the first I have ever completed...once I print these last two photos!! HA!

So with that BOOMING success in my life, why not just give in to the inevitable and start planning now?!


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