Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tell A Story - Halcyon Gym Days

One of Lucas' 2016 Goals is to "go to the gym with Mom once a week and practice basketball." We have not and will not accomplish the specifics of this goal, as "once a week" has proven to be unrealistic at best. But we try to go on Saturday mornings when he is at my place. This was our Mother's Day gym session. We went on a Sunday that week, and boy-o was it ever empty in there!

Sometimes we play basketball for about 30 minutes before heading up to the track, and sometimes Lucas has an "injury" and we only play for a couple of minutes. They have a large equipment room at Meadows, and once you pay to get in, you can borrow anything in there at no extra charge.

As his Mom, I of course have ulterior motives to getting him to the gym with me!

1. I want him to feel comfortable in a gym, and in a fitness centre. I was NOT into organized sports as a kid, so when I finally wanted to "get fit" as a "fat" adult I had to start from scratch. And it can be intimidating! If he gets used to it now as a kid, I am hoping he will continue to go as he gets older and keep up a fitness habit in some way.

2. When he was in Kindergarten, he was diagnosed with Developmental Delay Disorder. Or something...I dunno, it had three Ds and it meant his gross motor and fine motor skills were not where they should be. He had trouble getting dressed, holding a pencil and scissors, kicking and throwing balls, that sort of thing. All of the specialists we talked to said that he would probably struggle with it for a lot of his life, but he could learn "shortcuts" to get the same things done as the other kids in a different fashion that was easier or smarter for him. I want to get him doing things with his body and help him get stronger, to counteract the effects of this.

3. He says no to everything. I'm trying to at least get him in the habit of considering a yes every once and awhile.

4. I love running on that track and I want to be there every chance I get. I think that we accidentally inherit a lot of things from our parents, and I kind of wouldn't mind a running buddy.


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