Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day In The Life

I played along with Ali Edward's A Day In The Life on March 29. And overall, it was a raging success! I was wondering what it would be like to do it on a work day. In fact, I was worried I wouldn't have anything to take photos of, and that it would be boring. Ali's big scheme with this project is that you capture your real everyday life. And that includes all the boring work moments too.

6:25 am wake up time. I am NOT a morning person. I have to be out of the house by 7:00 am and the typical morning involves me dragging my sorry ass out of bed between the minutes of 6:30 and 6:38. I have perfected the art of getting ready in 12 minutes.

6:55 am and we're out the door! Lucas has been talking about Pokemon since the second he rocketed out of bed. Even while he was in the bathroom and I wasn't close by at all. On the drive to Grandma's house I miss my turn and have to wait at that pesky light on 76 avenue & 83 street. Lucas is still talking about Pokemon. He moves on to Skylanders before we reach 75 street.

"I leveled him up pretty brand spanking fast!"

He is happy to be at Grandma's. He says hello to the kitties, before I get my hug and kiss goodbye.

8:36am time for my second coffee. [This photo got missed in the blog upload...hmmm...] The clock on Blair's coffee maker is wrong. And the coffee isn't great, but it gets the job done. Today on my to-do list is get some photos on Houzz, update some Pinterest boards.

9:36 am and my giant white board. Still uploading photos to Houzz. Don't You Forget About Me playing on the radio.

10:30 am, time for a mid-morning snack of celery and PB. Messy desk. Message light flashing on my phone. Typical.

12:16 pm heading out for my lunch walk. Blue skies overhead, but it's damn windy! I have Dude everyday for the next 2.5 weeks, so I won't be heading to the gym in the evenings. These lunch walks are a sweaty necessity. Today I did a 3.62km circuit around Summerside, and it took me about 39 minutes.

1:06 pm lunch at my desk as per usual. Some sort of mixture of leftovers. Lunch time walk means a working lunch.

3:31 pm. Missed my 2 o'clock photo because nothing eventful has happened. Nothing photo worthy, nothing of note. That's cool. Actually, still nothing has happened, but here is a picture of my favourite part of my "office" (aka hallway corner lined with filing cabinets)

3:41 pm finds me trying my hardest not to fall asleep at my desk. My wake-up-walk downstairs discovers that someone brought in donuts! Thanks Someone!

5:20pm picking up Lucas from Grandma's house. It's been a long day for everyone.

5:40ish pm making a stop at the library. No books on hold for me = sad face.

6:08pm Dear Yesterday Lisa. Thank you ever so much for cutting up all those vegetables so I could just dump them in the pan and heat them up for dinner tonight. You are a goddess and I sincerely appreciate you. Love, Today Lisa.

Obligatory Dinner Shot, Time Unknown. Watching shows on the iPad.

7:30pm and we are done our chores, so it's time to relax. Lucas is playing Pokemon online, and I'm re-reading a Jasper Fforde book. Cookies and whisky for after dinner snacks.

9:12pm and I'm moving from squats to my second workout for the night. He's almost as tall as me, so this is as difficult as it looks.

10ish pm and my curlers are in and I get some more reading in before my head hits the pillow.

8:54pm, bedtime #1. No book, no chit chat, and he was down for the count in 30 seconds. Spring break is hard work!

And that's my Day In The Life, March 29, 2016. I think I will probably put together some sort of mini album for this, because it's fun and quick and that last picture of my dude is THE MOST to say the least.

Life is good.


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