Monday, February 29, 2016

Scrapbooking - Design Team Layouts aka What Was I Thinking?!

Nadine, what was I thinking?! How am I supposed to be on a Design Team for a scrapbooking store when I have no fucking idea what I am doing anymore? Help a girl out!

Suck it up, eh? K, here goes nothing.

BFF bought me the most beautiful proper hiking backpack last summer, and she is the most beautiful thing ever and I love her so much. Her name is Ariel, and this page is dedicated to her.

Ice cream is always a good idea. These Dudes....

I have so many photos of topless little boys playing on an iPad from this vacation. It's hard to pick one favourite.

Am I the only human who still uses the strange dabber attachment for the Lindy's Sprays? Probably? Am I the only person for whom NO spray ink sprayer works anymore? Probably not.

I get a little mushy on the journaling for this one. I get a little mushy when I see my little boys in such a way that I also catch a glimpse of their future selves.

So mushy....

I think that soulmates are totally a real thing. And I'm lucky enough to have more than one. These two pictured below included.

And here are all the layouts I created with this product. The larger ones are both 8.5x11, and the smaller are 6x8, created to fit in a mini album I am in the process of building for this trip. That's going to take me forever, but whatever.

I struggle SO MUCH with scrapbooking now. It's like, I've totally forgotten how to do it. Or rather, that I haven't fully embraced the new direction I want to head in with my memory-keeping. So I approach everything in this wibbly-wobbly fashion and everything feels hard and forced. Still enjoyable, but kind of painful too if that makes sense. I am still trying to find my place in this hobby apparently. It's worth the struggle.


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